Disneyland Park's Christmas Season 2007

Started by Kristof, June 29, 2007, 11:43:54 PM

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As if closure of POTC & the Railroad isn't bad enough!!


Sadly the 6pm closing time for November is also what has been recorded on the offical website.


that's a bummer, i just hope that we don't miss out on anything, due to early closing times


6 pm?! That's impossible...

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Quote from: "Imagineer"6 pm?! That's impossible...

thats what i thort, i'm sure the other two times i have been over christmas the DLP closed at 8pm  :(


Quote from: "miss disney fan"
Quote from: "Imagineer"6 pm?! That's impossible...

thats what i thort, i'm sure the other two times i have been over christmas the DLP closed at 8pm  :(
Me too.


C'mon people.  Use this topic for the Christmas Season only.  The coming weeks will make it clear if this was a typo or not, or if it will be combined with Extra Magic Hours.  We'll see.

Now back to the Christmas Season!  :)


Quote from: "jazzluvva"As if closure of POTC & the Railroad isn't bad enough!!
The railroad isn't closed, just one train is in refurbishment.

6pm closing in November seems fairly normal to me, midweek is hardly a busy time. It's still too early for a Disneyland park though...


Christmas Season Press Release!

...Though only in French, for some reason. *But*, I've just translated the important bits:

» DLRP Today : Bougillumination Enchanté and Dreams of Christmas

Main news:

- Bougillumination will become Bougillumination Enchanté during the season
- 'Dreams of Christmas' will be a new float for Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade -- yes of course, the old Santa Claus sleigh!
- Disney Characters' Express will continue to run and get a special Christmas themed overlay.
- Fantillusion will only run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in November
- Goofy Claus takes Father Christmas' old spot on Town Square... so the Christmas village in Frontierland looks like it'll be happening this year.

Now, watch them release the English version tomorrow after I spent all that time... :lol:


I've never been to Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season but from what I've seen from pictures and video from the past it looks like a beautiful time to visit. The news today sounds very interesting also! Cant wait to see it all! Thanks u for posting the press release info!


Slightly off topic, but Baloo could someone PLSSS make a wallpaper of the first picture you used  :shock:  It's amazing, the magic is blasting from it!!! :D
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cant believe Fantillusion is only going to run on friday, saturday and a sunday in november, we'll only get one chance at watching it and some people will'nt get any chance

@ bentaylor21   christmas is amazing, its the only time we go, but with there being no proper xmas parade and other cut backs we may think about going a diffenert time of year, but yes in the past there has been no where else i would want to be for xmas

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Thanks for the translation Baloo, the 15th additions to the Christmas season sound incredible :)


Well I'm excited about Christmas season at DLRP of course, and the additions sound quite good... (still have to get used to the christmas village at FL though). But I seem to be the only one here looking at the Christmas visual and thinking 'sjeez, isn't that just a bit much?'... I do hope they'll go for eighter the 15th banners, or for the chandeliers on MS but both combined together with the christmastree on TS, the cristal Castle lights and the candles for bougillumination seems too much, knowing there's also the Mainstreet facades lighting... maybe it looks less overwelming in real life then on concept, who knows,
We shall see!  :wink:
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Thanks for the information Baloo. While it seems that the Christmas Season at Disneyland Park will be as grand as ever, I can't help but to feel a bit dissapointed by the offerings at the Walt Disney Studios. No small decorations at Toon Studio for example? No Meet 'n Greet with the White Witch/Snow Wicth from Narnia or the awesome car prop on display at the entrance of Moteurs like a few years ago? Even Santa Goofy has packed his belongings and went to Disneyland Park.