Disneyland Park's Christmas Season 2007

Started by Kristof, June 29, 2007, 11:43:54 PM

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It will be interesting to see how the intergrate the 15th anniversary celebration with the christmas theme. It should be pretty easy really, they have a lot of decorations up. I'm hoping to visit with my family this christmas for a few days rest and relaxation, so I'll be sure to send in some pics when I'm there.

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Quote from: "raptor1982"I even heard some shocking news last week: there's going to be a Santa's Village in the park.  Now let's face it, how high are the odds this will be in fact Belle's Christmas Village?  :cry:
What's wrong with Santa's village? Let's wait and see, maybe it could be even better than the Belle's one.

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will the xmas tree return this year with the 15th birthday going on in main street just wonder as raptor said the  Pumpkin is not returning  :?:


Quote from: "miss disney fan"will the xmas tree return this year with the 15th birthday going on in main street just wonder as raptor said the  Pumpkin is not returning  :?:
Well, I think the pumpkin will not return just because it was located in the middle of central plaza, where the candleabration stage is now. The tree is situated in Town Square, so I suppose it should be there also this year.
Tell me if I wrong raptor!  :)


The Christmas Tree will be on Town Square.  :)

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Quote from: "raptor1982"The Christmas Tree will be on Town Square.  :)

yes, thanks raptor  :D


will Chante Noel be playing on christmas on the parade?


Quote from: "Rascal-HN"will Chante Noel be playing on christmas on the parade?

Who knows really, I'm sure as we find it out, it will posted in this topic :wink: .


Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"Hopefully, it will be  'just like we've dreamed it' with a little bit of christmasy music at the end.

Not just the end but it will be good if they have a Christmas version of Just like we Dreamed it! I could just imagen it now! HOW KOOL! :santa:
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I really hope that they do do some sort of xmas parade i mean its not christmas with out a parade!
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I would love to go at x-mas, my nephew is too young to take at x-mas really, but once he gets a little bit older nothing will stop me ;-) lol.  We always go in low season so he doesnt get frightened if it is too busy.

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have just booked for 23/12 ubtil 27/12 at sequoia lodge!

can't wait!

A shame that tinkerbell's show isn't on, will enjoy mickeys holiday dinner show instead!
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Quote from: "raptor1982"The Christmas Parade will not return, the Santa sleigh will be added at the end of OUADP.

if the old floats are going to be used for halloween, then why not for the christmas parade also? anyone know why?


Good news, everyone! It turns out that Belle's Christmas Village will return as every year (without the musical) and that Santa's village appears to be placed somewhere else.


So we're gonna have both! Veeeeery good!