Board Of Directors At DLRP

Started by Javey74, March 12, 2008, 10:46:40 PM

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Anyone got photos of the Directors for DLRP.  I find that most of us know the names, when we hear them, but would pass them in the park un-knowingly without seeing what they look like.  Anyone.....?? Admin, Mods, Fans.  :shock:


Not sure if this helps but here are the profiles of the management team. ... ndex.xhtml


Thanks for that Malin  :wink:

Going to have fun looking around this link.  :D/


Norbert Stiekema
Senior Vice President Sales and Distribution

Norbert joined the Euro Disney Group in 2004. He has spent most of his professional life with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as Director General for Germany. Prior to that, he occupied various posts for that company in France, The Netherlands and Italy.

Didin't know there was a fellow dutch countrymen on the board!  :D

Thanks for this link Malin, great info.
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WOW!!! A Greek in the board of directors!!!

George Kalogridis!!!


Yeah there's a few different nationalities isn't there.. :shock:   It's probably their way of spreading the word about the magic of DLRP all over the world.  8)