Disney's Halloween Season 2007

Started by Kristof, June 29, 2007, 10:51:12 PM

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Quote from: "raptor1982"Disney Villain show time is a small show during the day.  Candleabration will just go on as usual.

Thanks Raptor.

Would one of teh floats be completely stithc related or is he just leading the riot?

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Good news: standalone Soiree tickets are now available!


I had an email today with a link to the Halloween mini site:


It looks really good. Nice downloads and professional finish!


wow, that looks nice, good to see the 15th logo on there too..


I just got the email from DLRP with a link to their Halloween festival page... how exciting!

We are going for the last day of the Halloween festival - we had booked to be there for the bonfire spectacular and we lucked out by catching the last day of halloween!

Has anyone been to the halloween festival before - I'd especially like to know things that happened last year, as (correct me if I'm wrong) but didn't Stich play trick or treat, like he is doing this year!




Did anyone hear the rumor, that the big pumkin from central plaza will be moved to the Critter Corral area?

Hmmm - just a rumor? Or can anyone confirm this?



It is true that it is not returning to Central Plaza, but I have not heard of it being placed somewhere else.


this has probs been asked before but how busy is it at halloween ? what are the ques for rides like ?
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Quote from: "Nicholas-c"this has probs been asked before but how busy is it at halloween ? what are the ques for rides like ?
Questions like this are better in Trip Planning. This topic is for discussion of news/rumours/updates for Halloween events.

But to answer quickly anyway - it's fairly quiet until about the final 2 weeks, when the school holidays start and the park suddenly becomes hugely packed. Halloween is almost as popular as Summer and Christmas during that time now.


I've got a leaflet about the Halloween event yesterday.
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Quote from: "TowMater"I've got a leaflet about the Halloween event yesterday.

Ditto!  :lol:
I get all the mail things!  :D


You know, since getting our APs I've had no mail at all from DLRP - should I have received one of these Halloween leaflets do you think?


Same here! I don't get any mail from disney anymore either. I read on another forum that there has been an invitation for shareholders and annual passholders for the preview of ratatouille... I never received anything (and i'm a shareholder).

oh sorry..i think i'm off topic now..


I got my AP invite to the Toon Studio preview (late May 07) in mid-June. I couldn't go anyway, but still... :roll:

I see they've changed the style of the official website to Halloween already. It might be a naff website for a Disney resort, but at least they're keeping it up to date. :)

The Butlin Boy

I love how they've changed the 15th posters for Halloween :)

There's also on for Christmas 8)

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