Disney's Halloween Season 2007

Started by Kristof, June 29, 2007, 10:51:12 PM

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Yes!  :D   :D   :D
That sounds like good news  :twisted:


So is the parade still happening? If so are they going to be the old or new floats?


I haven't heard about it for some time... But I've seen the Beauty and the Beast float parked backstage when we were on our way to the Resort.  Maybe preparing it?

Oh it will be the old floats of course...


Good! Yes I have to look for floats backstage next time! Anyway should be good seeing the old floats back!


Maybe the'll move the pumpkin down to the town square rather that central plaza. Will they have fireworks at halloween ? as they didnt have them when i went to dlrp for xmas last year :(
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Quote from: "djdisney1"Maybe the'll move the pumpkin down to the town square rather that central plaza. Will they have fireworks at halloween ? as they didnt have them when i went to dlrp for xmas last year :(

A daily fireworks display is only during the Summer Season.

The giant pumpkin will not make its return this year, as I already posted in one of the first topics.  :wink:


A press release was released today. The Villains' show on the Candleabration stage will be called "Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime"...


From 6th October to 4th November 2007, a spooktacular Halloween season comes to Disneyland Resort Paris, offering laughs and mischief for all the family

With the help of Classic Disney Villains, Frontierland in the Disneyland Park transforms into Halloweenland. Cruella de Vil and Captain Hook will take over the park, creating a spooky setting for Halloween mischief and mayhem. There will be tricks and treats galore with the spooky season's special guests, the high energy Pumpkin Men and Pink Witches, who are sure to entertain kids of all ages at the daily Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime.

There are regular daily shows on the Halloween stage in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Goofy and the Magic Pot is an exhilarating, energetic show where children can learn to make pumpkin soup and dance alongside Goofy himself! Minnie and the Bat Boys will also be appearing on stage daily, with live music and a host of other Disney characters singing classic Disney Villain's songs.

Kids can join in the fun as favourite Disney monster Stitch, from the 'Lilo and Stitch' Disney animation film, wreaks havoc across the park and takes over the 15th Anniversary 'Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade'.

Disneyland Resort Paris also becomes even more interactive during Halloween season. Guests will have the chance to meet dozens of Disney characters, witches, stilt walkers and other street artists. Children aged between 3 and 11 can enjoy free face painting and 'hair-raising' antics with Disney's crazy coiffeurs. Several times a day the Mexican game of Piñata, in Halloweenland, is a test of strength and luck as kids try to break into the colourful paper mâché objects, stuffed with all kinds of sweets, biscuits and candy.

Quote from: "DLRP Today"So to recap, the new Disney Villains show on the Candleabration stage will be called Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime, whilst the FantaStitch Stage in Halloweenland (Frontierland) will welcome back Goofy and the Magic Pot from last year along with the Bat Boys - this year led by Minnie rather than Donald. And as for the parade - it appears a minor Disney Villain Parade-style takeover may happen to the fresh-faced Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade, likely the pre-parade mentioned in the past.

However, the French press release goes on to give even more information and confirm that a Halloween pre-parade, led by Stitch, will precede Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade - "A cortege 100% Halloween led by Stitch", "Guests won't believe their eyes! Surprises guaranteed!".

The Disney Villains' Halloween Showtime appears to be a spectacle of rivalry between the Pumpkinmen and Pink Witches, hosted by the Disney Villains, to determine which camp of Halloween mischief should be declared winner of the season. Guests will clap, dance and tap their feet to the music and songs, before laughing (for the Pumpkinmen) or screeching (for the Pink Witches) to determine the winner.

The decorations and atmosphere of Halloweenland will return as normal to Frontierland. And the "Orange County" makeover of Main Street USA? Those Pumpkinmen won't give way for anything, not even the 15th Anniversary! They'll be back, and apparently giving the 15th Anniversary decorations their own personal, orange, touch...

Those Pumpkinmen had better be careful with the 15th decorations or they'll have more than the Pink Witches to answer to! :lol:


Quote from: "Baloo"Those Pumpkinmen had better be careful with the 15th decorations or they'll have more than the Pink Witches to answer to! :lol:

Whahahahhaha  :P  Baloo in action!!
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I wonder if the Dreams of power float will be in the halloween edition of the Once upon a dream parade if it's confirmed for the season though.
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Im going for halloween & cant wait for the villians show. Does anyone know if jack skelly walks around the park?  :twisted:


ive been there for 2 halloweens and never seen him! :( i wish i had though that would have been great!!

I wish i was going in halloween, i love it then! :(:( If only i could afford to go halloween too!


No, he doesnt.

I did her some rumours about an Ursula meet 'n' greet somewhere in the park.  Don't know yet how they will pull that off or if it's even true...

The old WWODP floats are currently being re-dressed for the Halloween parade.  No word yet if this will just be a pre-parade or a whole parade on its own.


I'm looking forward to it... whatever it will be, it'll be something new and nice, I'm sure... like last year  :twisted:
an Ursula meet'n greet... well the imagination of entertainment dpt never dies, does it, I'm very curious to see that one  :lol:
and of course, the floats of the WWODP, I'd love to see them again, as a pre, as a full parade or as whatever... everything would be good!
hahh really wanting to go  :)
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Hello, this is my 1st post so sorry if this is in the wrong area. On the 31st of October I understand there is a Halloween Party. Will there be fireworks?


Aaron  :D


I think the candleabration has fireworks!!!
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