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Started by pjulie75, September 05, 2007, 05:27:34 PM

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:belle: I have always thought there should be a ride that incorporates all the Disney Princesses.  The Disney Princess brand seem to be so popular particularly with young girls.  My girls will buy anything, as long as it has a Disney Princess on.

The ride could be built similar to Buzz Lightyear with a constant stream of princess carriages.  We could go through various, most recognised scenes from the films ie Belle & Beast dancing, Ariel singing on the rock etc.  At the end we could have all the Princesses in a scene together, pure magic.  There could be a shop at the end featuring everything Princess (dressup, dolls even a Princess Beauty Parlour with glittery princess face painting - they have this in Florida Downtown Disney).  A Little Girls Dream!

It would be a bit like the Great Movie Ride which is in MGM Studios Florida.  The ride takes you through memorable scenes from films.  It really is a captured market and I feel should be jumped on.

I know we have the Snow White Ride, but my girls are terrified.  It is much to dark and scary.

Pink and sparkly would be fab.


Great Idea !   :D


oh my god that is the BESTEST idea that i have ever heard, i would go on that ride 59 million times!!


Now, still wishing a Imagineer would go on this forum... :P


I'd rather have separate Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast attractions to be honest.

We have the Snow White ride.

L'Auberge de Cendrillion.

Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Passages of Aladdin.

Ariel and Belle need an attraction each!



I agree with Dark_Prince. It would be somewhat weird if Snow White etc. would be featured in two rides... I'd much rather see the Little Mermaid ride (as featured on the dvd) created for real!

Besides, there would be an ongoing discussion on which prinsesses to include and which not... There are more Disney prinsesses than are included in the 'core six'. I have a Disney Prinsess cd at home which also features Pocahontas and Mulan...! And I for one would start a whole discussion about who is technically a prinsess (Pocahontas, for example..) and who not (Mulan...)

But the first argument is the main one: don't feature some double (overlooking the scenes of Les Pays des Contes des Fees).

EDIT: As far as the 'pink and sparkly' goes... That basically has nothing at all to do with the movies themselves! I think there is enough of that merchandise all around the resort (a whole shop dedicated to it even in the Bazaar next to Agrabah Cafe, of all places...), so I wouldn't like to have even more of that.
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I think that idea would really work as anew Fantasyland dark ride maybe at HKDL
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I personally hate the Snow White ride and have seen, many parents, like myself with quite distressed kids at the end upset with the dark and gloomy ride.  No wonder there is never a queue for that ride.  Peter Pan is always really busy because it is so magical and perfect for young and old.  I think it has no place in Fantasyland and think it is more of a Haunted House - scary type ride.  Fantasyland should be happy, fun for all ages, mind blowing, a dream come true - everything DLRP should be.

I am a big fan and understand that there are more than 6 Princesses but since they are prominent on all the merchandise they would be a key part of the ride.

Everyone has there own ideas and suggestions and it is interesting to read them but that was just mine and I LOVE IT.  :belle: