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Started by captain rocket, October 18, 2011, 08:42:03 PM

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captain rocket

Has anyone else noted the total absurdity re security at Disney Village?
Last week when I visited there was a very visible security presence with six staff and an airport style scanner at the front gate, and at the two entrance/exits at the other end of the village...... nothing!!! Why on earth would Disney go to the inconvenience and expense of the front gate check and let anyone enter or leave from the areas by Earl of Sandwich and Mc Donalds with no check whatsoever?
Does anyone out there understand this "security"


In theory, the far end of Disney Village is only open to guests arriving from the hotels while anyone arriving by bus, car or train can enter through the main entrance. Access to the hotels from the outside is regulated by security, too... if somewhat lighter, I suppose.
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Just like how there is a security check to get into the parks (unless staying at the Dlh having arrived by car of course).
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This should be interesting when the World of Disney opens. There will be an entrance next to Gaumont — in the "clean area" of Disney Village, but also one on the esplanade and one near the IMAX, so the store will allow access to the Village. It would be odd if they decided to keep the Gaumont-side doors closed, thus keeping the store separate from the Village and forcing everyone to make a detour, and it would be even stranger if they decided to erect a permanent bag check outside the store's main entrance. I suppose this will be a matter of good customer flow versus "safety."

Of course, one could also grab a bus to Hotel New York and walk right into Disney Village. The perfect crime.

ford prefect

The security is a deterrent, not perfect I admit, but it is (along with the mounted police and armed soldiers) for the resort's safety.
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I have always felt the disney park security has always been a pantomime and a pointless waste of time and money.
since 2001 (many before that)

captain rocket

I totally agree with davewasbaloo, the "security" is laughable, last week when I checked into NBC I just walked straight in without going through security, the one guy there could'nt regulate the number of people arriving. if I could do this inadvertantly then anyone set on causing trouble could do the same with serious consequences. i feel Disney should beef up security or just give up on the current pantomime. The other point is, if you just wanted to smuggle in a small device then the easiest way would be to hide it in a bag from a DLRP shop, I have never seen these checked.


The security at Disney is totally there for show and  to prove presence, both entering the parks and disney village. The truth is you could technically ship a whole army into Disney Village without going through a security check point.


Disney are fantastic at undercover security and CCTV cameras. I think guests would be amazed if they were allowed to stand back stage main street for a day and count how many times people are quietly plucked out of the park and into police cars...
(shh I didn't tell you that) but it's quite impressive... ;-)
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I wonder if they'd had this security last year if our buggy wouldn't have been stolen from Cafe Mickey.  The security guard we spoke to at the time said that it's a major problems with professional gangs that come in & know which buggies & prams are worth something so they know which ones to take.  Apparently they put a blanket or something inside the stolen buggy to make it look as through there is a child sleeping in it so they don't get stopped.  They have reports of stolen buggies every day.


Oh that's sad. Sorry to hear that. But I guess you would have to see someone looking very very suspicious to stop them if they were just walking up casually to a buggy and then slowly walking out with it at disney. There's thousands of them and I personally don't think I could tell if someone was stealing one or not. There are also so many kids around how would you know if the person who stole it just walked next to another family? The security would just think it was that child's buggy and they decided to walk instead...
It doesn't make it ok they couldn't though....
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