What time for Character Meet and Greet?

Started by pjulie75, October 10, 2007, 11:34:03 AM

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Hi, I noticed on quite a few photographs posted on this site, that in Fantasyland, near the big gates beside Its a Small World there seems to be photographs with characters.  Is there a particular time of day that is best to get some photographs with them?  Thanks :D


It's the characters from the Character Express. I'm not sure of the exact time, but it's around 3 pm that it makes it way up and down Main Street, and then you see them around Bella Notte and the parade gates between about 3:30 - 3:45 just before the parade starts.

They aren't proper meet and greets. They also have stops a bit earlier, probably around about 3 pm in front of the castle.

Then of course there are the meet and greets on the stages in front of the castle. When I was there, it was the Princesses every morning from around 10:30 - 1 pm on the castle stage and the Pooh characters on the stage opposite.

Mickey has his own spot at the end of Main Street, just before the Central Plaza - but I don't know what the times are.

There is a spot in Frontierland, past Thunder Mountain, I think it's where you head down towards what was the Critter Corrall.

Jack Sparrow near Pirates of the Caribbean.

Apparently Aladdin and Jasmine can sometimes be seen around Adventureland.


We met Eeyore and Tigger in the castle earlier this year.  They may have been on their way to an offical meet and greet but they were quite happy to stop for photographs and autographs.  Maybe we were just lucky.