The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Started by Anthony, March 12, 2005, 04:50:53 PM

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These 2 interesting pieces of concept art popped up at the Disney Central Plaza forum.  They claim that the one on the left was supposed to be the Paris version of ToT and the one on the right for DCA.


Oh and one more thing, Gurki posted this picture on DCP.


It's amazing how quickly that shell wall of the tower has taken shape.  With our tower being concrete instead of steel I think we'll be able to get an idea of the final look long before they could in California.

Those concept arts you posted are interesting too, Raptor - I did believe that the left tower was the Paris one, since the design and colour seemed to fit better into our Studios.  Trouble is - that conrete shell seems to show otherwise.  Look at the large arch of the entrance and the small window arrangement to the right of it - it definately looks more like the tower on the right, doesn't it?  :?


I've already talked about this, but this proves it again.  Look at the top dome, it's exactly the same as the one in the Reign of Fire set.  :P


Work continues...



Source: Disneytheque  :o  :shock:



Shame there's no way of getting construction photos from that angle every week!  :lol:


This photo comes appearently from the CM Tribune magazine and is taken from the highest crane.  :D  :idea:


The official name of the attraction has been deposed by Disney:

English: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
French: Tour de la Terreur : Un Plongeon dans la 4ème Dimension
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I like both, but I'm wondering which one they will put on the entrance sign(with the fiberglass effect.)  :?:  :idea:


hi raptor

thanks for that but what does....un plongeon dans la 4eme dimension...mean?  i'm presuming its something to do with a forth dimension but can't figure out the first bit, thanks.

i can't wait for tot to come to paris... i loved it when i went wdw its just fab
Kate, disneyholic who is having withdrawal symptoms!


A drop into the 4th dimension.


And also, for those who don't know (not sure if this has been mentioned so far in this topic) - "La 4ème Dimension" was the name used for "The Twilight Zone" in France, so the French title does have a connection with The Twilight Zone.  :D  It's a bit confusing really, since MGM's tower has the "5th Dimension Room" and everything...

Anyway, here's the latest photos of the tower:

Some kind of new metal structure is going up:

View from afar:

And a spot the difference game...

December 1st:

December 3rd:


It's still going nice and fast.  :D


Here are two rather cool photoshopped images by and :


I think it'll make the studios seem waaaay more complete, as well as adding a lot of "height" to the park - at the moment it's all very dull and boring really, all the buildings are too similar...

The only thing I don't like is how it matches with the colours of La Terrasse.  I wonder if they'll change that?

What do you think?  :D


Well it wouldn't make sense if they would keep the colours of La Terrasse.  They're probably going to overpaint it, or maybe or ToT will get a slight different colour compared to the one in DCA?  :?:  :?: