The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Started by Anthony, March 12, 2005, 04:50:53 PM

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Be sure to drop by in January 2008!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror officially opens to the public on 22nd December 2007, but all promotions will feature the date "January 2008" for simplicity. The actual press events and inauguration ceremonies won't take place until the first weekend of April 2008.

"You are the passengers on a most uncommon elevator about to ascend into your very own episode of...The Twilight Zone. One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again, and this time it's opening for YOU."

Disney's California Adventure version

The iconic Disney attraction is finally headed for Paris, and is due to open in Autumn 2007 at the heart of Walt Disney Studios Park, behind the current La Terrasse seating area.  This version of the attraction has already been built at Disney's California Adventure park despite being originally designed for Paris, and so the two attractions will share exactly the same design, with slight modifications based on their different locations.

The Parisian version is also being built from pre-formed concrete pieces, unlike the steel-frame structured Californian version.


What are the differences between the Paris and Florida/California/Tokyo towers?
See this article - 'Towers Around The World' - discussing the differences in relation to Paris.

What physical/height restrictions will there be?
Guests must be 1.02m tall to ride, and in good physical health with no conditions which could be worsened by this thrilling, free-fall adventure.

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Enjoy your stay, in our official "ToT" topic!

Opening Date: Tower of Terror should open 3 January 2008.  According to rumours will there be  soft openings starting 22 December 2007.


Well, I still don't have a clue about what's going on at the ToT building site, at the moment there's still just lots of small cranes, digging equipment, piles of earth and wire frames.

Here's some good photos from March 6th 2005 though:

(Source: Simba, DLRP Magazine Forums)


Some photos from March 7th 2005:



(Source: Lucho, Disney Central Plaza Forums)


Here's a funny picture... It's taken in 2004.  Long before the construction started  :wink:


It's very strange to see that picture again now after all the work that has been going on...  :D

It actually helps to put some of what they're doing into place.  I can kinda picture where the massive holes will be dug, and where lots of the work is going on...

I just wish there were some clearer photos like that of the current construction.  Lots of them seem to be very zoomed in so it's hard to get an idea of what's going on...  If only there was a fan working in the offices of the Disney Channel studios!  There's a perfect view from there over the ToT site!  :D


It looks like "the lost place"


Here are some pictures from ToT in April


It appears that nothing is changing anymore at the construction site...  :?


This picture was posted today on the board by pastonio...


Whoa!  :shock: When did that happen?!  Is it from the work a few months/weeks ago, or is it fairly new?

Either way, progress = yay!  :D

From looking back at old construction photos, I'm thinking it's been there a while, and it's just that no-one thought to take a photo over the Toilets of Terror fence for a change!

EDIT: I've just found the original version of the photo:

(Source: Cedric, Disney Central Plaza Forum)  :wink:

Not sure why that user on always feels the need to crop photos and repost them...  :roll:


I was just about to post this in the Studios Horticulture topic, when I realised it'd make more sense to put it here...

Thinking about the area around ToT, it'll be interesting to see what they do with La Terrasse when ToT opens.  They'll probably still have the seating there, but obviously move it out of the way a bit to allow people through to the gates.  But will they have some kind of snacks or drinks counter like the "Cool Post"?  From the design of it it seems like they will...

A refreshments counter along with the ToT shop we must also be getting would help to make more out of the ToT "land", since I don't suppose it'll be listed under Production Courtyard, or will it?  If it is themed as if you're starring in a movie then I suppose it could be.  Which would you prefer?  A special "Hollywood Tower Hotel" land, or just put it in Production Courtyard?

With Toon Studios probably being listed as seperate to Animation Courtyard (though that's a whole other debate waiting to happen), another new land might be a bit too much for such a small park...


"benjhappy" at Disney Central Plaza posted this link to the latest Val D'Europe newsletter.  On the last page, it lists the future attractions for the resort and has a concept art picture of the California Tower.


Nice!  Isn't Val d'Europe such a lovely place?  *dreams of living there in the future*

I don't like that photo of the DCA tower though - it makes the tower look really small and totally unimpressive.  I hope DLRP don't decide to use that in their future ad campaigns...  :?  Maybe they just used that photo where it looks small so that people in VdE won't get annoyed at a 200ft tower across the field from them?  :wink:

Oh, and the Marriot village looks surprisingly beautiful!  I don't think I've ever seen it before.  It's got a nice spot in the middle of Golf Disneyland.  You never see it advertised much though, do you?  I suppose Marriot advertise it themselves, since it's different to, say, the Pierre & Vacances residence in VdE.


From board, posted by Joost.

From the Miceage forum ... E9+lacroix

About ToT & WDS, such as:
Sadly, there'll be no change (and I've seen the plans, tee hee!) If you think about it, a lot of the other attractions have large outdoor queue areas - they're just much cheaper to build, and that was the driving force behind the park, sadly.
But did you know, that Euro Disney's CEO didn't like the Tower's original location, and commisioned the Imagineers to investigate the possibility of placing it outside the current park boundaries? He wanted to place it on the current CM car park. You can see it at the very top of the photo posted by Ian P.

A fair point, and one which has been the cause of a lot of debate on the French forums. What exactly is an abandoned 1930's Hollywood hotel doing in the centre of a modern European studio?
But don't forget that a themed boulevard will eventually be built as an extension to the park. It will start at the foot of the Tower and extend outwards beyond the current site of the Studio Tram Tour Station. Eventually, this will have the same effect as Sunset Blvd. in WDW, the big difference being that the Tower will mark the START of the boulevard, rather than the end of it.

You're exactly right. The current Tram Tour route is only provisionary, as is the loading station. The route is set to change completely, while the station will be moved to the right (probably further up the boulevard, once it's built). As for the Reign of Fire street set, I'm not entirely sure what they plan on doing with it, but I know for a fact that an entire street set section of the park is in the works, so this would act as a logical entrance to that. I've always thiought this set would have been more impressive on foot anyway. (Sans le fire breathing dragon, bien sûr!)


I think it'll work really well to have the ToT as the start of the boulevard rather than what it's leading up to.  I mean, really, how many major roads lead up to hotels?  It's far more realistic to have it off to the side at the start and then have something like a Movie Theatre like the Great Movie Ride at the end.  It'll also be good to have ToT in such a central location in the park.  Not only will this give you a sense of location wherever you are in the park, but it will truly make it the castle of the studios.  Oh, and having such a major landmark NOT at the back of the park will make the park seem bigger aswell - "what? it continues past the tower?!".  Just a few of my thoughts, anyway...  I hope all those who constantly moan about the location realise it's for the best come 2008...  :wink: