Do we get some US CMs running ToT in the first few weeks ?

Started by kermit, June 12, 2007, 06:37:57 PM

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Hi everyone,

I´m a frequent reader but not a frequent writer on this forum.
But I wonder if we get to see some US CMs running ToT in the first few weeks upon opening ?

This may be a weird question, but I only rode the real ToT by now (the MGM one) and it´s always a pleasure to have CM T.J. (anyone know him ?) boarding you as he´s playing his role perfect.

Upon my first WDS ToT drop, I´d love to see him as a CM there. As long as I´ve been visiting Disney Resorts around the world, he´s been the best I´ve ever seen.

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i think people will just be trained for the ride, it would be expensive for them to send people over
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Not sure.  When the tower opened at TDS, they sent a number of cast members to DCA to train.  I imagine that is what will happen for DLP.  Sadly I think they will be Europeans, but at least they will have trained in the US.  So that is a good incentive to be one of the first to ride!
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Welcome to the forum, kermit!  Our 'official topic' for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is where all discussion about the new attraction should go, including its Cast Members.

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