Started by Ehg_92, November 08, 2023, 11:18:45 PM

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Hi all,
My wife and I are visitng the parks for Xmas with my in-laws at the end of the month.
We are hoping to take advantage of the Skiptax system and claim the VAT back on our merch purchases, but I am a little confused about the process.
I understand that I download the app and verify my identity, record all of my receipts.
But can I scan the app's barcode in the Disneyland Eurostar station (Marne la vallee chessy) or is it only at Lille?
Where are the scan points in the station(s)?
I really appreciate any help anyone can give :)
also what is with the current park wait times on the app? I cant belive it and hope that the park is this quiet when we visit?

Thanks in advance guys