Are deals with meals included gone?

Started by alexjensen, May 31, 2023, 09:24:50 PM

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Hi all,

Having been to DLP 11 times, we have tried most of the hotel and meal options.

Many of the trips have been with deals where Disney hotel, parke tickets and meal vouchers were included. SOmetimes it was half board and sometimes full board.

But when I check prices now it's "only" hotel and park tickets. All meals are extra and I can't find any good deals anymore. Further more I experience the prices to be extra high compared to a normal price increase during 5+ years.

Does anyone have the same experience or have you found som good deals? Any rumors if the deals will be back?




Atleast for me, I could add a meal plan after I had paid my booking in full. Not sure if that's valid for your booking.
4 trips to DLP, 3 to WDW, 1 to Disneyland California