Walt Disney World raises ticket price

Started by experiment627, April 01, 2004, 05:50:51 PM

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Last week, Walt Disney World has raised its ticket prices for a one day at the parks to $58,31 ... (for all of the new prices check out //http://allearsnet.com/pl/ticketchart.htm)

Any thoughts about this? Would you still visit a Disney park at these prices?


Well, if i guess so... Although when we will visit WDW, we will buy a special package so it's cheaper...


Or maybe it is even cheaper to buy an annual pass


No, not really... take a look again at the price chart I've linked.

Of course, of course, of course - WDW has 4 theme parks and all that... but let's be honest here: besides the question of "is it worth it" the more un-settling question is "can one afford it"? And I sadly have to say that judging from these ticket prices, I can't.

(Just to underline how outrageous I think these prices are take a look at what they're asking for a ticket for one of their water parks...)


Well, it's indeed a lot of money... But I really want to go, so I have too pay the high prices...

We are probably getting a "Florida in the sun" package.  It's for 30 days entrance to all the WDW parks and waterparks, 1 breakfast with Disney characters, and entrance to Kennedy Space Center, Dali Museum, Miami Seaquarium (and there was something else, but can't remember)...  
That cost about 320 euros.  I think that would be the cheapest for us to go.


Raptor: does that price raise too? if the price of a normal ticket is raising not that package price?


That prices are indeed horrible! But as long as people are willing and able to pay it.. When I sell all my books, stop eating and walk instead of taking the train then maybe..  :lol:
By the way: I don't think that the Fun in the sun gets more expensive.. At least the lady at the travel agency told me so!
Would be great if Universal was included there too! Oh.. they are competitors.. Silly idea..  :oops: