App Dining Reservations - Launching July 15th

Started by DisneyManiac, July 10, 2020, 03:45:35 PM

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Hasn't had a lot of exposure on here so decided to break the ice and address it: The Disneyland Paris app now supports dining reservations without requiring anymore phone calls. It is due to go live when the parks reopen on July 15th, along with dining bookings on the Disneyland Paris website. I have seen it for myself through the app and website, however the 6 month availability is practically non-existent as the furthest dates go are September. Also only saw the online booking option for 3 dining locations, they have now all disappeared.

The process goes as follows:

- Select "Book a Table" on the restaurant's page.
- Choose the day you want to book a table for.
- Choose how many people will be in your party.
- Choose a time for the booking.
- Fill in your full name, first name and surname.
- Fill in a phone number, loads of international options.
- Fill in a email address.
- Fill in birth date.

Then that's it, you press "Confirm my reservation" and I assume the rest is history. Party sizes online are maxed at 6 members, more than 6 members requires calling the reservations phone line as before.

Hope this helps clear it up!

~ DM ~



Is it only available if you're in the parks? I've tried it but it doesn't give me the option to book via the app, only to call by phone. I've got the latest version (even tried re-downloading it see if it made a difference). Very annoying :(