Where magic gets real - new 2020 TV spot

Started by Anthony, February 21, 2020, 11:39:36 AM

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Disneyland Paris has launched a new TV advert for 2020, featuring a few of the different worlds within a Disney trip.

Shockingly, there's no sign of Frozen.

"Picture a world where the greatest stories ever told are brought to life in the most imaginative ways. A world made of happy times, surprising times, heroic, thrilling and fairy tale times. A world where Disney Characters, Pixar friends, MARVEL Super Heroes and  Star Wars™ legends make memories that stay with you forever and ever. A world like this takes you further than you could ever imagine. A magical world like no other. A world called Disneyland Paris."

Really nice that they also included Phantom Manor, TOT and BTM in there rather than just the usual franchises. Showing there's life in stories created just for Disney parks yet?

The ad is already showing in Spain and France and will launch in the English, German, Italian and Danish markets on 2nd March according to DLP.



I really like this advert, A nice change and upbeat theme.

Pete's Dragon