Trip on 14/02 - 18/02

Started by jsync, January 20, 2020, 11:29:16 PM

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We are going to DLP for the first time on 14/02 - 18/02, staying in the park.  We'd like to see the parades and fireworks, what time should I be booking the evening meals for? 

Many thanks!


If you go on the Disneyland website you can download a copy of the programme for the parks which has parade times, etc. They update it each week but considering their seasonal events that are going to be running in February are running now I can't imagine it is going to change drastically from the timings in the current programme. It will give you a guideline at the very least. Unfortunately this seems to be the only way to plan ahead like that unless you want to risk leaving it until the few days just before you go.

Hope that helps! :)


Also check the closing times of the park that week which you can also find on the website - if you want to watch the fireworks, don't book anything for about an hour after the published closing time.
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we're there similar dates, Friday 14th both parks shut at 7pm so Illuminations and the Studio night time show Galactic celebration will be at those times.  If eating in hotel or village really need at least 45mins to comfortably watch them and join the crowds to get out.   sat & sun  both shut at 8pm.  17th/18th Disney 8pm, Studios 7pm.  I think the main parades will be 5pm at that time (it has been on previous trips). 

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