contacting DLP regarding payment

Started by sentosa, January 22, 2020, 04:49:02 PM

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I have tried to reach DLP regarding my booking, the payment should have been automatically paid before the 18th Jan I have  not had anything taken from my bank account and I was worried that it has not been paid. I went onto my disney account and everytime I go to the payment page it says there is a problem .I have been hanging on the phone for an hour,before I lost the will to live and hung up. I tried making another booking, knowing a chat help would show up, but they said thats down also. This has been going on for 4 days now. Anyone know another way to contact them?


I think by phone is the only way. And not to throw a spanner in the works but are you sure payment was meant to be taken automatically? I am unaware of them doing such a thing unless it is immediately at time of placing the booking and they take the full value. We had booked a package last year and paid a deposit at the time we booked. We then had a payment deadline of 18th December but all details we received said we had to manually contact them to arrange final payment and there was nothing about it automatically being taken. Might be worth checking this.

Either way, sorting final payment was a headache because of having to do it over the phone. I was going to simply log in online and pay that way but like you mentioned it only ever came up with an error message. I phoned DLP, stayed on hold for 50 mins, went through payment just for it to be blocked (as my bank is too proactive about fraud and blocked my card because it was a "suspicious payment"), had to hang up, call my bank, get my card unblocked and a record put on saying the payment is definitely me, called DLP back, stayed on hold for another 45mins and then finally sorted payment!! It was such a nightmare!

I think you are going to just have to go on hold and live with it unfortunately. After the first time I was on hold I did check if there was an alternative way so I didn't have to go on hold again but it seems contacting them by phone for a payment related issue is your only option. Try calling at an off peak time if you can then hopefully the hold time will be much less

Hope you get it all sorted!  :)


Hi, yes they do take it out automatically , we go 3 times a year and they usually do as you can request it when you book,but nothing is showing on my bank at the moment. Like you say will have to try phoning again.


We had a similar happening for our December trip last year. We too were waiting for the remaining balance to be taken automatically, as it has for the past 15 visits. After about a week after the expected payment date, I received an email saying there was a problem with the payment and to contact Disney to discuss failure will result in the booking being cancelled.

Once eventually through to a person I was informed that unless you request automatic collection of the balance you will have to manually make payments.

I know trying to get through takes ages, but hang on it there.

Hope you sort it out.