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Started by Disneyterry, January 08, 2020, 12:34:20 PM

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We are travelling in large group with children and baby. How practical is the tgv and how often does it leave from cdg to Disney

Trip booked for June time if that makes difference
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Although the journey itself is only 10 mins, they are not as frequent as you might expect.

Take a look at this link & this will give you all the info on how you check times (& fares)

Also, if flying in, it's risky to pre book a train as you never know if your flight might be delayed etc so you end up with a choice of pre booking a specific train & risk missing your train, or paying full flexible fare.

The TGV is quite pricey (particularly if not pre booked), so if you're in a large group, you'll probably be cheaper & easier just booking a large cab/chauffeur service.

If you do choose the TGV, there's no point even going to your seats as it's such a short journey & the trains are generally busy, so you'll just end up stood by the doors as no time to drag kids & babies to the seats past everyone else.


That's loads
Fair play thanks
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Check out Paris disney Shuttle.

Driver meets you at the airport arrivals and leaves you off at your hotel door, not sure if it has gone up but it was only 60euro priced per vehicle not person. It would be considerably cheaper than the tgv and much handier in terms of luggage, and the taxi only took about 30-40 mins.

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Been looking at the shuttle services.
There is definitely a choice to pick from.
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We used IS Prestige for our private transfer. This is the second time we have used them. Cant fault them. They were waiting a the arrivals lounge, even when unexpectedly delayed. Fairly reasonable too. They even messaged me to say the collection time had to be adjusted due to traffic delays.

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