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Started by Tricky78, January 07, 2020, 09:44:09 PM

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Hi folks,

We're going to DLP mid feb.

Myself,  wife, son (9) and daughter (6).

We have gone for the full board meal plan and wondered what time would be best to book evening meals.

We don't want to miss any parades etc or the quiet times for last rides of the day.

Many thanks in advance.


Since parades, Illuminations and the Star Wars-show are all near the end of park operating times, it depends on your exact dates. If the Disneyland Park closes at 6:30 pm, reservations for e.g. Plaza Gardens will be possible till 4:30 or 5 pm. So what dates are you going exactly?


We only tend to watch Illuminations and the parade once during our stay, so for all other evenings, we tend to book our meals for shortly before the start time of the parade. We prefer an earlier evening meal too, and by the time we're finished eating, people are starting to get their spots for Illuminations so we get the quieter ride period.

When we do want to watch the parade and Illuminations, we eat late afternoon, but we only ever get half board, not full.
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