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Started by polar vixen, November 01, 2019, 11:53:07 PM

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polar vixen

So I know this is an oldish topic but I couldn't find the old one.... we usually get advent calendars and save them for counting down the sleeps to Disney... or we've made our own, but this year I saw a Disney story countdown. It's like a mega size folder with separate envelope pockets  for every day, each one containing a mini Disney storybook. (Non festive so great for any time during the year). When I first saw this it was £20 in hobbycraft- a little steep but not terrible for 24 books. I decided to wait to see if it went in the sale, then saw it today in Tesco for £10!! And on a 3 for £20 offer😳 so  yay! I snapped one up and will be hiding it ready for early next year.
Sorry just wanted to share it with Disney fans who would appreciate it. We've already got 10 movie nights planned, one a week for leading up to the trip and costume lists have begun- we have family theme days, so it's 94 sleeps to go- how do you countdown?

polar vixen

I have another one 😋 recently while searching for party games I came across a pike the cup game- plastic cups were positioned and glued onto a board. A toy put inside, and then tissue paper glued over the top, for kids to take turns poking open and claiming th gift inside. I thought this could be easily adapted- cups placed to create the shape of a Mickey head, and numbers written on the tissue paper to create a daily order of polo g🤣 we'll be putting Disney pins in each cup so that each day kid has a new pin they can choose to keep or add to their lanyard for trading.


We don't really countdown, other than everyone so often when it dawns on us that time is flying by one of us will say, "here we go to disney in x weeks.

Though as our next trip is now just over a week away I might need to knock together a countdown thing, using post it notes for our fridge just to make it a little fun. I just need to figure out how to get Disney images onto some post-it notes. I recall having sticky magnets at home for sticking to the fridge.
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I used past photos with a number countdown. These were either printed or emailed.

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