I know Disney are investing but this is ridiculous.

Started by gearbox2005, October 30, 2019, 07:13:04 AM

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2 adults and 2 children with one being a teenager.
I know offers always change when you look to book a holiday at DLP but I've just looked at the DLP website to get a price for July 2020 and was shocked at the price. I went this year in July and stayed at Sequoia Lodge golden forest , Monday to Friday (4 nights/5 days) with no dining plan but gave me allegedly 2 nights free and cost about £1,600. The price for next year , same week, same hotel but with 20% off, free half board and a €100 gift card is £2,399 !! An increase of nearly £800. Absolutely shocking and it's certainly pricing me out of going back to Paris. In October 2017 we went and stayed at Cheyenne and paid £770 ,in 2020 that holiday would cost me £2,029 for exactly the same week. By the time I add transport and spending money I'm nearly halfway in costs to going florida for 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to see how much the Hotel NY revamp costs to stay in.


We too have noticed a price rises each year, and we too look at the Florida option. I shudder to think what the price rise will be once the redevelopment plan has finished in the Studios.


I'm afraid that as long as the hotels remain fully booked (probably helped by closing one for renovation each time, DLH being next) the prices will not drop.


We have been looking for Christmas 2020 as it will be eldest's 18th and she wanted to do DLP. The prices ar ridiculous! We've always done DLP but these are getting to be WDW prices but for short periods. The Cheyenne with free breakfast is coming in at £1800! We paid far less with meal plan last Christmas. Everyone was looking forward to Disney taking over DLP fully but I did say it would cost us lots and it certainly is now.


Annual passes & staying off site is the way we go, our usual options of Hotel L'Elysee & Hi Park are both pretty nice, but with the AP price hikes & erosion of benefits, even this is becoming a bit steep.  Hoping to get 2 visits in before our passes expire in May, but after that, we'll probably take a pause & wait until 2021 until we return.  :'(


I have been saying for ages that Disney doesn't give anything for free.Checked early in the year for early December the price £938 for two people for 3 nights checked again earlier this month same date but Disney is stating 20% off plus free meal vouchers the price £1358 so with the Eurostar nearly £2000 for 3 nights,I won't be going back.


I think we'll be just saving for WDW in 2022 unfortunately, it's going to kill me but it's getting steep. We can't afford the annual passes now due to investing in a caravan holiday home and they are increasing massively. I can see the caravan getting used a lot more now.


I've just done a quote for the same week in July 2020 but staying at the new Marvel themed hotel and the price I got was £3,200!!! If I want to stay a month later from August 10th for 4 nights it rises to £3,600!!!  I'm absolutely astounded at those prices. I've stayed twice before at DLH and never paid nowhere near that price. I'm beginning to think my days of going to Paris are over, especially if the yearly increase keeps going on at the current rate.


Been many times but recently priced it up....booked florida and stayed offsite. Just made no sense to spend so much on 4 days when with a little compromise we had two weeks in sunny Florida. It also meant that we could do universal also.
Horses for courses of course but the Paris prices are just getting silly