How much to transfer luggage?

Started by polar vixen, September 16, 2019, 01:32:53 AM

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polar vixen

We will be stopping at sequoia lodge for a few days in feb and I'm looking at the cost of Disney express.... £90!!!!!!😳 while I'm tempted for the extra time in the parks esp in feb when they'll close early it won't cost me much more for breakfast with the princesses! BUT I really don't want to be trekking back to the hotel to collect our luggage on the last day...does anyone know if they still offer it as a drop off service while you're in the hotel? (For luggage to be dropped at Eurostar? And how much it is ? (6 and a baby staying in 2 rooms) many thanks in advance. Any other suggestions also welcome x


Disney Express is £30 per family that's for both ways.It used to be £25. I just booked it yesterday for a trip in december.