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Started by Mattj500, September 05, 2019, 08:54:06 PM

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After a poor experience at CDG we are considering using Eurostar direct to Disney next time. I've read the Eurostar accessibilty information and there are good opinions about the tea in on this forum. However there are a raft of horrendous reviews of Eurostar, particularly on their Facebook page.
We would particularly need help negotiating the queues at Ashford, finding the Disney bag drop area, any passport control and negotiating queues on the return journey.
Has anyone any experience of the special support service?


I can't tell you from the pov of support services but I do always get on at Ashford (I live there) and tbh there's never more than small queue if you arrive the suggested hour before. You'll get through the ticket gates, security and passport quickly then there's a huge lounge to wait in.

At Ashford there's a Disney Express desk in the waiting lounge where you pick up your tickets and luggage cards. When you arrive at Marne La Vallee, the bag drop is well signposted. You go up the escalators to the main station and then up another set to the Disney Express desks. Depending on how many people are using it this can be a bit busy and noisy so if you're with an autistic person it might be better if they wait somewhere else with another person whilst you hand the bags in.

The queues on the way back are the big problem. There's no waiting lounge so they only let you through to check tickets, passports and security when the train is there and with only two lanes the queue gets very large and can be slow. It's better in that they have a more organised queuing system now but it's still a big slow queue. If Eurostar offer support services this is where you'll need them most.

Hope that is of some help to give you an idea of where the problems might be.
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Thank you Claire, that's very helpful.

polar vixen

We travel with 3 children who have autism- we get on at evbsfleet and it's always really quiet. They even assigned us a person to help us to our carriage from the waiting room when I'dd phoned ahead before. Everything is smooth and easy. The return trip- yes that's bad- mega queues. We found a staff member, explained out situation and showed the green access card we'd got from Disney. They escorted us straight to he headnof the queue. Only prob we had was nasty British people complaining loudly that we'd cut in. Just kept our heads down and ignored them. Once you're through bag check it's teally easy. Nice big waiting area. But definitely go for the direct train- changing is stressful with special needs x


Thanks Polar Biden, great to hear a first hand experience.  I'd already decided direct was the only option, but was worried about how busy all the areas would be. Did you attempt to pre-book assistance at MLV?

polar vixen

We didn't- tbh I didn't know you could, we just collected our bags and hubby hung back with the kids while I found someone to help us, and I then waved them over. Once. You're through check in the waiting area is huge so plenty of space👍🏼


Thanks, you seem positive about it and I'm feeling the plan could work for us. Thank you.