Historical offers help!!

Started by Bellepops, August 30, 2019, 10:40:45 AM

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Anyone out there know historically what offers there are when the new brochure comes out for the following year?

Or what offers there generally is January time for bookings the following December time?


Hi Bellepops,

Sometimes it depends on your hotel. Some do extra night(s) free, others do children free, others are free dining plan. These can also change depending when booking.

Generally though there is always some kind of offer on, and when the date for an offer passes you will find that another one is available straight away. the call them booking early, for December I think you need to have something booked by end of September to qualify. And of course the later you leave it your choice of hotel may be reduced as they get booked up, depending on when you want to be there. We go mid-week, and aren't fussy on hotel so have never had any issues, however if there is a particular hotel you want at a weekend close to Christmas, you may need to book earlier.

This time we got stay an extra night free for December. Whereas last year we got free dining, but to be honest it mostly works out roughly the same price.

Kyriad Apr 08
Hotel Cheyenne Dec 09
Hotel Santa Fe Apr 11
Pop Century WDW Apr 17
Hotel Cheyenne Sep 17
Newport Bay Apr 18
Hotel New York Dec 18
Coronado Springs WDW Apr 19
Newport Bay Dec 19
Newport Bay Sep 20 Covid  Cancelled
Newport Bay Dec 21 ???