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Started by thatgirlkatie, August 21, 2019, 07:00:42 PM

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Just wanted to hear peoples experiences on Buffalo Bill's and wanted a couple of questions answered. My questions are, I read somewhere that drinks are included in the price of the show is this true? I've seen a couple of people saying they got beer which I don't drink and wondered what the other options are. What's the food like? I'm not a huge fan of spicy foods and worried that will put me off a bit. Also we've got a magic plus AP and I believe we get a discount, how do we claim this and would be ok booking in in the park? We're looking at doing it on a Monday or Tuesday in early October.
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You can buy AP-discounted tickets in the park. Drinks are indeed unlimited (they keep refilling it) and you can order either  Coke, water or beer - that choice is for the whole show. The food is not very spicy but rather nice. You can see the current menu here: https://media.disneylandparis.com/d4th/en-gb/images/BBWW06_buffalo-bills-wild-west-show-with-mickey-and-friends-restaurant.pdf


I'm not a fan of spicy food either and, like you, was concerned but I really enjoyed the food - all 3 courses! Not spicy at all
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The chilli is a very mild chilli con carne.

I suspect you would be okay going there during the day and booking it. It's unlikely to be sold out at the time you're going.
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Thank you all for your help! Looking forward to it now!
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Agree with all the above.  One more thing, don't pay extra for the more expensive seats as the view is fine in all the seats.  2nd tier seats are absolutely fine!