Disney direct Eurostar

Started by Tubbyherman, August 25, 2019, 02:32:27 PM

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Hi everyone, we've booked on the direct train for our next visit and as it's a special occasion we thought we'd upgrade to the standard premier service. Does anyone know what food you get in the 'paper bag' there and back. Many thanks. 


Last travelled Standard Premier a couple of years ago.  I got a fairly light meal served on a tray (not paper bag) along with a drink (including wine or beer) & you get another couple of teas or coffees during the journey if you wish.  The food was nice, but there was not a huge amount of it, that's all.




Travelled standard premier on Saturday from StP to MLV

You do indeed get a bag of food, which contained a croissant, jam, butter, a bread roll, a small carton on water & some orange juice, in addition they bring around tea & coffee.  So nothing special, but OK...


Thanks Rocker, we're thinking we'll pick something up from M & S for the fussier members of our party. Sounds as though husband and I shall end up with 2 breakfasts each  ;D Shame no wine  ;)