Does anyone book with a travel agent?

Started by MJACB2005, August 16, 2019, 04:01:30 PM

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So, I've been looking at booking and found some good deals. I've priced flights and ferry (so we could drive) and we want to fly. I looked at booking direct with disneyland Paris website but it says 15% deposit and flight payment 100% upfront. When we  came the previous 2 times , I found everything I wanted accommodation date and flight wise, went to a travel agent and they packaged it up for £60p.p deposit. Does this still happen? We planned on this still being the case but now I'm unsure. Thanks


In the past I've used a uk based site called and had no issues with them. I think deposit was only 10% and certainly never paid for travel costs upfront. I'm sure if you went to a travel agents that would still be the case but there may be a premium on top of the actual holiday costs.


I've used for our last 4 visits - they have the same offers as the official website but you can pay just a deposit and then the rest of the balance about 3 months before you go or you can pay in instalments through their website whenever you like. I like doing that as when I had a little 'spare' cash at the end of the month I was able to pay off a little bit of the trip. Always found the service good and friendly  :)
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We've been using WDTC recently and they only asked for deposit then payment few weeks before travel and give you the option to pay off in stages if you want, you just got to call them to do this


Magic breaks added around £400 to the price that I have found but I will try the others...Thank you, and I'll check back with magic breaks to see if the price changes again  :)


We book direct through official disneyland paris pages. I have found booking with travel agent isn't that much cheaper, if cheaper at all. Plus when it comes to booking dining and other things I have had to do it through the travel agent, where by booking with disney I can do it myself.

As for flights, we just book ourselves with whatever low cost airline is offering the best price or flight schedule.

It is fairly straight forward to book and after being a few times I cant see what the travel agent does that I can't, hotel, park tickets and meal plan in disney booking, flights with easyjet and taxi transfer. Job done!.

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You can get a small fortune back if you book through top cashback. We got about £70 back!