Park tickets

Started by Tai, August 03, 2019, 11:59:17 AM

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So I've just booked the other week to stay off site and I am shocked about how expensive the park tickets have become. Where is the cheapest place to get tickets from now? I didn't want to stay on site as I'm saving up to go to Tokyo so I thought staying off site would be the cheapest option but it isn't anymore.

Any advice would be appreciated.



A few questions.  When are you going?  How long for? And who is going?


I'm going bonfire week and I am planning to visit the parks on Tuesday and Thursday and there are two adults going. Is it better to wait before going on buying them now in advance or not?



You will save money by booking in advance, but I don't think it will be much the week you're going. Most offers are ending at the end of September so expect to pay £75 each per day on most sites, unless anyone knows any hidden gems.

Sorry, but I think any really good offers are only about for the quieter periods