What would your 3rd park look like?

Started by JMB, December 03, 2018, 07:18:04 PM

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Very good ideas here.
Like I said my dream would be like Jules Verne put it: a park based on myths, ancient civilisations and classic literature. They even could borrow from Disneysea and build an extended Jules Verne universe and treat Discoveryland as and 'outpost'/different time period. They will do this with Star Wars after all.

Or how about an entire Steam Punk park? Think of every Disney attraction missing in Paris but adapted to a Steampunk style. Would feel like one giant historic fantasy world and still give Disney the opportunity to take random IPs as reference.
One land would be devoted to multiple things from the Studio Ghibli universe.


Another variation of my idea: I wish they would do a Storybrooke Park with 'portals' to different worlds (inspired by the TV series once upon a time). That way they could mix together lots of fairy tales (with a twist), classic literature, myth, ancient civilisations and so on and even get away with dropping random IPs in the park since they are accessed by portals/books.
Depending on the execution, this could also be seen as the a bit darker counterpart to Disneyland Park.
Speaking of (linking books): Myst/Riven Island please with the ancient civilisation of the D'ni. *dropsdeadinexcitment*

What do you think?

Jules Verne

Ah the story brook portal idea is so good, what a great idea. Didn't the Hollywood studios park in WDW have some secret thing hidden around it from once upon a time ?


Thanks :D
At the entrance of each portal, they could make the iconic things which would make up the lands part of the entrance,
Be it like an arch, a fountain, projection,...
Like these title screen icons which change according to the content of the episode: https://onceuponatime.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_Title_Cards/Gallery


Working with the mythical angle, there are a few planned attractions/lands and existing ones they could combine and make a park. True these all don't quite go together - but then that is the charm of some other parks around the world.

Of the existing lands and attractions:

- Pandora (DAK)

- Expedition Everest (DAK)

- Roaring Rapids (SDL)

And the planned/never built:

- Beastly Kingdom (planned, DAK)
Plans included a Fantasia dark ride, Quest of the Unicorn maze and the Dragon Tower rollercoaster

- Atlantean Expedition (planned, Disneyland)
Re-theme of the Submarine Voyage, based on the '01 film, Atlantis The Lost Empire

- Discovery Bay (planned, Disneyland)
Featuring an attaction based on the '74 film Island of the Top of the World. Some of this aesthetic did make its way to Discoveryland - so that would have to be worked around.

And as we're doing a bit of blue sky here..

'Mushroomton' - the town in Pixar's Onward.
'Lower Elements' - the secret relm of the fairies from Artemis Fowl.

Both of these would be dependant on their films success.

So there you have it. This park just needs a name..

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I would love to see a park with attractions and areas based on the earlier Disney Afternoon shows.

- DuckTales
- Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
- TaleSpin
- Darkwing Duck
- Goof Troop
- Gummi Bears

DuckTales have a new show running and there is a Rescue Rangers live action movie on the way. So I think that it would work, even for younger kids of today.

I would also like to see an area based on the live action Mighty Ducks movies :-) There will be a new show on Disney+ based on that too so... maybe it would work too.
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