Booking DLP Hotel with Annual Pass

Started by wjonesy, May 14, 2019, 08:13:41 PM

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I'll be visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time in June (from the US). For the length of time I'll be there, I decided to purchase the Magic Flex annual pass. I would like to now book a room at one of the Disneyland resort hotels - Cheyenne.

I'm having trouble learning how to book a room to get my annual pass discount. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this? Please help!


Easy, just call DLP on +33 1 60 30 60 53, tell them which pass you have & they can give you a room only price with your annual pass discount.  They speak excellent English.

Do be warned, the prices seem to vary wildly.  I've had some bargains at the Disney hotels, but other times, not so. If what you're quoted seems a bit steep, do think about staying in a non Disney hotel.  There's probably another 20 hotels in the nearby area with very short (under 10 mins) shuttle connections that you may wish to consider as alternatives.