character dining at disney hotel

Started by xlucylu89x, May 13, 2019, 11:22:06 AM

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Hi all,

We are booked for the Disney hotel for two nights and have a free half board meal plan with our booking.
We plan to eat at the hotel on at least one evening. I have been looking at, as we booked through them, and the sample menu there implies that you can use a meal plan for character dining if you are staying at the hotel. does any one know if this is correct?

I've tried to insert a screen shot but struggling to work out how :( so i have copied the link to the website below and if you click on inventions you'll see what i mean lol.

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Irregardless of character meals make sure you book for your meals!! Even in the hotel- it's not a given that hotel guests can eat in their hotel restaurant, so make sure you book!!


oh yes,. will defo book to avoid disappointment. we have a premium meal plan which i think covers this. I will double check when i make the reservation.
Cheyenne 2005 & 2007
Newport Bay 2012 & 2017
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We used our meal plan vouchers to pay for the Inventions brunch last August. Because we were staying at the Cheyenne (definitely my preferred option these days!) the meal plan vouchers only covered part of the price so we just paid the difference. We booked it the same time as we did our stay.
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So does this mean that technically you could book every meal as chars there dining if you where on a premium meal plan staying at DLH? Under the proviso you could actually wrangle bookings for all 3 meals each day?

Or is there some limit or check that would pull you up if you tried this?



I hadn't considered having to book ahead for your own hotel restaurant, but it's a very good point. I don't have a trip planned right now, but I will take it into account when I do.

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