John Debney's 1992 It's A Small World Audio Track/Recording Sessions Help

Started by Disney Expert Braden, March 18, 2019, 02:33:21 AM

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Does anyone knows where or how to find all of these audio tracks on the internet?

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Disney Expert Braden

Hello There, I really do need a lot of help by finding any Audio Tracks or Recording Sessions from Euro Disney's It's A Small World all over the internet since it was heard in April 12th 1992, I was watching rickydoodlebug's video on his YouTube and he has these tracks because they were very specific and it was never uploaded on in internet. Where can I find all of the Euro Disney Tracks from the 1992 Version and the 2015 Reopening Version of the Small World Attraction all over the internet?

Unfortunately I can't find all of these tracks and a lot of people on YouTube wanted to Download and Listen to all of these tracks, Even though the John Debney's 1992 Version used to play in the It's A Small World Attraction from June of 1993 to September of 2002 at Disneyland in California.

Please Help me as soon as you can.

Thank You So Much and I hope you'll help me very soon.