Booking inventions in June to eat after the parade .. what time would u book?

Started by Pinkladytracy, March 14, 2019, 10:07:18 PM

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Hi, what time would everyone book inventions in the Disneyland hotel to eat to coincide with going straight after the magical parade is finished ? We are going June 19.


6pm are first seating times for evening which will work for parade.  As you're coming out of the park stay to the left and then there are doors into the lobby of Disneyland hotel (near to the luggage storage at the park) and can head straight into the hotel and up to Inventions
Santa 11/00
Newport Bay 10/03
Sequoia 3/09
Disneyland 2/11
Disneyland 5/12
New York 2/13
New York 2/14
Disneyland 2/16
Sequoia Lodge GF 8/17
New York ESC 2/18
Newport Bay CC 4/19
Disneyland 2/20