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Started by Leo Leonardo, January 01, 2019, 02:58:40 AM

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Leo Leonardo

I would LOVE to see Soarin' in DLP BUT the old version - Soarin' Over California - please. So much better than the current one in EPCOT IMHO.

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Soarin Over California would be very out of place in Disneyland Paris.  It fitted perfectly in Disney California Adventures Park  as it showed scenes, sights etc from that state. As Disneyland California is mainly a locals park, many people loved being able to see THEIR state in Soarin.

In Epcot, it was still California but it was still appropriate. Americans recognised and loved seeing THEIR country in Soarin.

I hvae been watching closely the discussions about the old V new Soarin. International travel is not the norm in America. Many many people dont relate to the new international Soarin the same way they did to the old Soarin.

This translates to many people having a negative view of the new version. People complain about the effects, the screen, the smells etc. American are VERY patriotic and love Disney nostalgia.

I have seen both the old California version and the new international version.

I love seeing the real life inspirations for Disney, for example the real Matterhorn, the real Neuschwanstein Castle, the real Killmanjaro,  etc etc.

I would be that the subtleties are lost on many Americans, that they dont even realise how the new scenes in Soarin relate to the Disney parks.

If Soarin does come to Disneyland Paris, then the new version is the most appropriate version. Its a smart move on Disneys part to make a new international version. This way they CAN put it into parks outside America and it is relevant and relateable to people in America, Asia and Europe

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Leo Leonardo

I dunno, the new version DOES suffer from some TERRIBLE distortion effects, especially if you're seated to one side :(