Behind the scenes tour

Started by Alison, June 03, 2007, 06:31:53 PM

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Quote from: "Riebi"I think you must talk to CMs at the Town Hall in Disneyland or the Studio Services in WDS.

That is correct.
They also give the tours.
We do it in several languages. So do check on the board standing afront
cityhall and studio services if we provide the tour that day in 'your' lang.! :)
(or make a booking for the next day)


I've heard about these tours and when I was there is May 2007 I was going to go on one, unfortunately it never happened as the tour wasn't in English when I needed it to be.  I will go on one eventually, one year.  

I was wondering though do you get a little info sheet or booklet to go with the tour, or do you just have to remember everything you have been told.