Parade Float Sensors

Started by Javey74, June 28, 2007, 10:22:35 PM

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He's a question!

On a parade, lets say the "Once Upon A Dream Parade", I've notice if you step off the kerb whilst the parade is in motion, a security person will ask you to step back behind the kerb.  At first I thought, well the floats are still well off peoples feet.  It was only when I saw the float up close that I noticed it had 2 sensors on each side at the front.  

This got me thinking immediately that there may be a possibility that these sensors use the kerb edges to centralise the float on the road at all times, using the curvature of the kerb.  Am I right or wrong  :?:

Even when people are told, you still seem to get a handful stepping in front of the kerbs, but I suppose as long as the kerbs aren't fully obscured this should still work.  If you notice when children sit at the front they sit cross legged, again so that there feet do not hang over the kerb and so obstucting the view of the kerb for the sensors.  If this is the case why have drivers, or is it that not all floats are sensored, or the driver is required just to control the speed :?:

Also what do the Yellow and Orange Batons exactly do, that staff hold infront to one side of the leading float.  I know it has something to do with the float stopping and starting since I've seen them hold them vertical whilst the float is moving, then tilt it the opposite way and the float stops, but again if floats have drivers, why  :?:

Anyone to solve this mystery  :?:   :?:   :?:



I don't think those are sensors, but rather camera's (with infrared lights).  Can anyone confirm?  

There are sensors in the ground that will let the controlcenter know where each float is and they will also activate the appropriate soundtrack in that area.

But I think this topic actually belongs in the OUADP topic.  I'll keep it open until someone (that means someone from EPC) confirms if those two thingies are cameras or not, and then I'll close the topic.


When I was watching the OUADP I was right down sitting on the kerb and I would have said they were cameras.


I dont think they are sensors, coz wen i went in 2005 for Halloween me and my friends sat on the crub with our feet over the edge. Don't they have tram lines for the parade? the ones u see wen u go down main street USA and round the rest of the park.

2 Months and 26 days until i go to Disney YAY XD