⚡️ Disneyland Paris - 13 May 2019 (Twitter Moment)

Started by CafeFantasia, May 21, 2019, 01:22:56 PM

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Hi there,

Here comes one of my rare forum posts, where I plug my content... 😂

So, I actually went back to Disneyland Paris just last week, for a day trip, to check out Phantom Manor (disappointing) and Mickey's PhilharMagic (worked so much better than I expected) and Victoria's (which was still on the Winter menu, but I still had cakes and tea 👍). As usual, I posted a ridiculous amount of tweets while I was in the park, and took so many photos and videos that I will continue to have stuff to share for the next decade!

I made a Twitter Moment to make them easy to flick through. So, hope you enjoy reliving my day. ☺️

➡️ https://twitter.com/CafeFantasia/status/1128941033683861504