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Started by pastormouse, February 06, 2019, 08:36:13 PM

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Hi all!
Just booked our first trip to Disneyland Paris. 
Looking for advice on where to eat and what the 'must see' activities are.
We've visited both Disneyland California and Walt Disney World, so we've got a basic working knowledge of Disney Parks.What do we need to know about DP?

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I'm so happy for your first trip, i hope it goes well.

I'd say be prepared for a more casual experience compared to the US counterparts.
I personally love the Paris version of Space Mountain (might still be hyper space mountain when you're there) it's a lot more intense. Phantom manor is also a very good take on Haunted Mansion and would advise that and the Indiana Jones coaster in Adventure land is unique to DLP. Expect to find the rest of the rides to be the same or slight variations.
This might seem like an unusual suggestion but there are covered walkways to the left and right of main street that I think are wonderfully designed, especially the Discovery arcade and its a good place to go through when its raining and you can jump between shops.  In general the Disneyland Park is very well designed so taking a but of time to take it all in might be something you want to do if your a big Disney fan.

In the WDS park the Ratatouille ride is unique to Paris as of righting and the restaurant is very nice and a fun experience. Close to the entrance of the park there are 2 shows Mickey and the Magician and Marvel Super Heros United. The showing of these are dependant on the season you go or technical problems so double check times ASAP.
And I would always recommend Tower of Terror. I know you had the same one in Cali before the guardians overhaul but I love it and always recommend it.

Food and places to eat can be a bit tricky. Sit down restaurants aren't always open or close early so sitting down and getting some good scran can be a pain in the arse in the parks so book your table as soon as you can. I would recommend Captain Jacks in Adventure land (sit down)
Plaza Gardens on main street to the right just before the castle (buffet)
Ratatouille to the top right of the WDS park (sit down)

I've personally found the best restaurants are in the hotels and the Disney Village. Such as inventions at the Disneyland Hotel and any of the buffets in the others that each have food relative  to its theming such as seafood in the Newport Bay or Tex-Mex in the Santa Fe. You might find that service is slow and you might need to call someone over to make your order in a sit down as the culture in France is a lot less formal I've never had a bad experience but a lot have so I often go for buffets.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask and I hope you have a wonderful time


First trip to DLP! So exciting!! I remember how excited I was  :D

Now the advice I'm going to give is not so much about specific rides, places to eat, etc but more about generally getting to most out of it so hopefully some of this will be good for you

Souvenirs - there is an abundance of shopping to be done and stalls everywhere. I have a rule that I browse only and then buy all my souvenirs on the second to last day (so I can pack it all ready for the day we leave). As I browse I have a memo set up on my phone listing the item, price and where I found it (as not all shops have everything and some items are area specific). Then I can make sure I use my spending money well to get the most out of it as the worst thing I could think of would be spending it all then finding something which I would rather have had instead of something already bought. Although, this is because we budget all our spending to avoid going overboard (as we easily would if we didn't budget  ;D )

Water/Snacks - have a bottle of water handy to drink through the day and there's plenty of places to refill if you run out. Also have snacks as a little energy kick as the days can be tiring. Plus snacks can be expensive so it saves you some pennies to go towards souvenirs instead

Don't overuse the camera - Disney are great at hiding little details everywhere so try not to go mad with the camera and experience it with your own eyes. The best moment for this is on the day you arrive. That first walk into the park, onto Main Street and seeing the castle for the first time. Experience that first hand, not through a camera lens. Even though I have been to DLP a number of times I do this every time on the day we arrive. Obviously take plenty of photos if you want to, just don't get too caught up photographing every detail (trust me, there's too many to capture everything)

Enjoy the Scenery - Adding the last point, don't rush too much between rides (unless of course you are trying to get to a viewing for something at a specific time). There is so much to look at just by walking around that it's a good reason to take your time

Disney Railroad - Get on at Main Street and do a full lap of the park right back round to the Main Street station again. It's a great view of the park, you see it from a different perspective and there's a few little bits you will only be able to see while on the railroad. Its so pleasant as well so a good chance for a nice rest.

Disney Village - I personally dedicate half a day to explore the Disney Village. The shops are great and there's so much to look at. Plus I need plenty of time research so I can make sure I get the most of my spending money (see my first point  ;D )

Lastly... Make sure you have comfy shoes!! And a lightweight waterproof in your bag doesn't hurt either.

Hope this information is useful for you and hope you enjoy yourself  :D

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