Pre trip report: Halloween newbies

Started by Zee79, October 06, 2018, 06:26:33 PM

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Well 3 weeks to go to our first ever Halloween trip (possibly last haha as I prefer Christmas) but who could pass up the deal we got.

This will be our 3rd trip to DLP this year, something we have never done before as it's usually a 12-18month wait for each trip but I can definitely say it is our last DLP trip for a while- I mean it this time,i know i said it in my last trip report but it truly is  :), finances cannot stretch that far due to WDW next summer and the fact I've just bought a caravan holiday home  :) it will get me through my post disney blues until i can afford to return to DLP.

There are 11 of us going (5 setting off 2 days before us for a 5n/6day stay) and 6 of us doing a 3n/4day stay. Its been a while since we've done this length of stay but an extra night was £200 and with it being booked on a whim after our second trip I didn't want to push it.

We are setting off on the Monday from the North East and doing a straight run through and staying in Crecy the Monday night (it was cheaper than Travelodge or Premier Inn) then up early the Tuesday morning to check into the Hotel New York!!!    I can't believe it, I've waited 26 years for this, I don't care that reports are saying it's in dire need of a refurb I've got my own way and finally staying!!!!  ;D My family love eating and drinking here but have always refused to stay but hey it was a great deal especially for half term week with Halloween during it.

Only my family (myself, DH and DDx2) are attending the soirée and have got our costumes ready, only my makeup to practice. This I'm looking forward to and so are the kids because mammy doesn't get dressed up much and my eldest can get dressed up as a princess, she misses it because growing up is no fun (she is nearly 16 haha) My parents didn't fancy it due to my dad's mobility and my brother and his family did it last year.

We've got meals booked for the stay, nieces wanted to do the 'posh' restaurant, nope not Inventions or Waltz, its Plaza Gardens haha looks posher to them than the others, Restaurant des Stars and Parkside diner. Will miss not eating at the Cheyenne due to this being our favourite hotel but next time.

We know it's going to be packed but hey I love just being at DLP and with all the 'new' decorations, parades to see we are going to be entertained. My brother and family are looking forward because they feel they missed a lot last year due to the 25th celebrations.

On count down now and can't wait!