PTR November at the DLH: Mickey's 90th birthday!

Started by loladelorean, September 19, 2018, 02:12:30 AM

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I just booked my meals so am getting increasingly excited about our upcoming trip, and I feel compelled to write a PTR!

This trip was the result of being a bit tipsy in the Disneyland Hotel during our last trip, in January this year. My mum proclaimed that it is on her bucket list to stay at the DLH, and out of pure curiosity we thought we'd check just how much it would actually cost.

Thanks to the generous German 25% off and free half board premium offer, and some lovely Inventions wine, we decided that we'd go for it, because you only live once, etc.

So, my lovely mum, my sister and I will be staying at the DLH for the first and perhaps only time from 18-21 November.

We realised after booking that this means we'll be there for Mickey's 90th birthday itself, which apparently means special surprises. We've booked Inventions Sunday brunch on that day and I'm hoping for birthday fun there.

We also learned soon afterwards that my dear friends who are also big Disneyland nuts, had already booked for the same dates! So we'll be brunching and hanging out together. It's shaping up to be a really special trip.

We arrive Saturday 17th to spend one night in Magic Circus, in order to make the most of Sunday and make it to brunch.
We've also booked Captain Jacks and Auberge - another first for us, might as well try it since we've got premium half board!
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Oooo that sounds so exciting!!!

We haven't got a trip in the planning for a while yet so you have to do a very photo heavy trip report when you come back. You've probably picked the best time to stay in the DLH!!!

Have a fab time  ;D
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