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Started by Geordie_lass, July 29, 2018, 11:55:27 PM

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I'm a bit gutted we can't have breakfast in Newport Bay after the money we've spent ☹️
I've had a look at the park service menu but I'm not keen!

Can any one tell me if we can have breakfast in Annette's using our half board plus vouchers and not have to pay a top up ???

Thanks in advance 😊


You might if you ask nicely.

When we got free dining we were given a specific quick serve to go to for breakfast.

Though I have heard of people getting buffet breakfast in the hotel for free. I guess if you don't ask you don't get!
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polar vixen

Anyone been to Davy Crockett with this offer? I thought I'd read on here that it was possible to exchange and get normal breakfast at the huts instead of having to go into the park? X


I've been pricing up for DCR next year and with the free half board it's says breakfast from the hut.

polar vixen

It's free full board- will that make a difference?


The free half/full board is a great offer, but the counter service free breakfast in the park isn't amazing.  I tell my clients to go and have an American breakfast in Annette's. You can use your breakfast voucher towards the cost so it's only 2e per person extra to have a tasty breakfast.  Beats queuing with everyone else in Hyperion for the Omelette burger
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polar vixen

Ooooh that's good, I didn't know we could use at face value, THANK YOU!!


Having paid to stay in the Disneyland Hotel (with free half board included) and being told that we would be able to have the breakfast in the hotel as we were staying at the Disneyland Hotel and had booked directly, we saw on tripadvisor that the policy seemed to have changed in mid October and guests were having to pay about 25 Euros per person per day to have breakfast. We therefore decided to buy some breakfast pastries the day before we visited rather than queuing in the park for a breakfast we didn't eat. Personally I think the counter service breakfast is terrible, bar a character breakfast, the majority of guests want to eat in their hotel and for a 5* hotel it's the least I would expect. Thank goodness the counter service breakfast is being removed soon at it's not the experience you expect when visiting Disneyland.