Pre trip report 1-5th April

Started by essexmum, March 29, 2018, 11:48:57 AM

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So after 6 months of planning we're off on Sunday morning.

It's just me, my 18 year old daughter and three of her friends, two are 17 and one turns 18 on Monday 2nd.  My daughter turned 18 on 20th March and this is what she wanted as a present so my husband and I decided to pay for the entire trip, including her friends.

We're getting the tunnel over as I hate ferry's so it'll be a 6am start, her friends are coming over on Saturday night, I bought princess cupcakes and we're planning on watching some Disney films before getting an early night.

I've booked two golden forest rooms (one for me and one for the girls, so I can escape 😂) and half board plus meal vouchers so I intend to check in around 4ish and head straight to the park.  I want to do BBWWS but been told it's already fully booked so I'll try and get tickets on the day if I can. 

Monday night we eating at cafe Mickey for one the girls 18th birthday, Tuesday night at the golden spur, weds nigh were intending to have an early dinner at Annette's diner as the girls are taking the train to Paris for a rock concert.  I'm staying in the park on my own.  Thursday we're having lunch at the steakhouse and then we'll leave around 2pm for the journey back.  I might change the restaurants, it's seems chef Reme and pirates restaurants are also fully booked, again we'll go along to see if there are any cancellations.  But it looks like the parks are going to be pretty busy.  Ho hum.

I'll post a full report and pics when we get back