Trip report 18-20 March

Started by vampira, March 21, 2018, 11:15:43 PM

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Hi everyone!
We're home again.. We = me, my husband and our little girl (17 months). This was her first trip to Disneyland. My husband and I have been 5 times before, but because it was our first trip with a child and our first time staying at the Newport Bay Club hotel, it was very different from previous trips.

Day 1:
On Sunday the 18th, our daughter woke up at 4:15, so we decided to leave early. We had a quick breakfast(and some coffee! ;) ) and left at 6:00. We had one stop, but made it to Disneyland in 5 hours. When we were almost at the hotel, we noticed there were a lot of people going the same way, so it took over 15 minutes to get to the hotel after we had already seen the hotel! At the gate, they said it would be best to leave our luggage in the car, as there were so many people arriving at the same time, so we took what we needed in the park and went to check in. While my husband waited in line, I walked around the lobby a little bit. Our girl was happy to be out of the car, but after a while she got impatient and started crying. When my husband finally came back, we went to Disneyland.
We arrived at the park around noon and decided to get something to eat first. We checked almost all the counter service restaurants at Main Street, but they were crowded and we didn't want to eat outside with our little girl. She was totally exhausted by now, so we wanted to sit somewhere and rest a little. We went to Frontierland and while we were there checked out BTM. There was a long wait (90 minutes I think) and no fastpasses left, so we walked on, looking for something to eat. We finally sat down at Colonel Hathi's for a little snack. Our daughter relaxed a bit and we could get some rest too.
After our snack/lunch we walked over to Fantasyland. We wanted to do something with our daughter, and we decided to go for a ride on the carousel. She was crying before we went on it, but as soon as it started moving, she looked so happy! It was the best thing ever! :D

After our ride on the carousel, we went on the teacups. Our girl liked it, but not as much as the carousel.
After the rides, we went through the Alladin attraction(keep forgetting the name  :P ) and then we decided to go back to the hotel, as our room would be ready.
We walked over quickly, and tried to get our little girl to bed. She had been crying for some time and was definitely tired, but as soon as we got to our room, she was happy and started jumping on the bed.  ::) So we watched some tv, rested a bit and went back to Disney Village to eat at Annette's. We'd never been there before, and we enjoyed it a lot.
After dinner, we went to Walt Disney studios to watch the Star Wars show. Our little girl was safely in a carrier so we didn't have to bring the stroller. She slept in 5 minutes, so I put on her earmuffs and she slept through the entire show (even the fireworks ;D ).

When it was finished, we walked back to the hotel to get some sleep.

"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney"


Day 2:
On Monday morning our little girl woke up early, so we got dressed, had a little bit bto eat and went to the swimming pool (just me and her). We got there right before it opened at 7, so we were the only people there. As we walked into the pool, I could see it had snowed quite a bit and everything outside was white. It looked magical!

After our swim, we got ready to go to the parks again. We were a little late for the extra magic hours, but we decided to get something to eat first. While we walked to Disneyland, the little one fell asleep so we ate quickly and walked to Discoveryland. There was a 5 minute wait at Hyperspace mountain, so I went on first and then my husband went as well. We both liked it better than before.
After a ride on Hyperspace mountain, we both took a turn riding Star Tours. Afterwards, when we talked about it, we realized there were multiple movies. In my opinion, it has improved a lot!
Our little girl had woken up, so we went to the castle. Our daughter was impressed by all the paintings, the beautiful windows and the view from the castle. Later we went on It's a small world. Our daughter liked it and pointed at all the animals, glittery things and everything that moved.

We had a quick lunch, and went over to Walt Disney Studio's. There were long lines everywhere and as we were all a little tired, we went back to our hotel. We stayed there for a little while, rested a bit and got ready to watch the parade. On the way to the park, we got a coffee at Starbucks. Somewhere along the road, we lost our little one's little bunnie, so she wasn't happy..
While we waited for the parade, our daughter got very impatient, so I went to buy her a Minnie Mouse balloon. She loves balloons, but it didn't impress her at the time. As soon as the parade started though, she was happy again. We liked the parade, with all the different characters.

When the parade was finished, we went back to Disney Village for our dinner at Billy Bob's. First, we went back to Starbucks to look for the bunny, but it was nowhere to be found, so we went to one of the stores to get her something else to cuddle with before going to dinner.
The food at Billy Bob's was nice. We have been there before and still liked it. After dinner we went back to Disneyland. We went to the baby care center first. I put the little one in the baby carrier again and we went back outside to watch illuminations. It was a nice show, although I think I liked Disney Dreams better.. Since our daughter slept through the whole show again, we went back to the hotel afterwards.

Day 3:
On Tuesday, we all woke up at 7, and I atarted packing our bags while my husband and daughter took a bath. We brought our bags to the car, returned the room keys and went to Walt Disney Studio's. We were a little late again, but had breakfast first anyway. Our daughter wasn't as tired as the other days, so we walked around with her, looked at the turtles at Crush's coaster and then went to Ratatouille. My husband and I rode it both (used the single riders line) and then we took our girl on the Slinky dog ride. I was afraid it would be too fast for her, but she loved it!
I then went on the Tower ot Terror. It's my favorite ride, but my husband hates it so he waited for me at the exit.
When I returned from the 4th dimension we walked back to Disneyland. Our daughter fell asleep in the stroller, so we ate at Casey's Corner. We had to wait a very long time for our food, but the food was good. When we walked outside, we decided to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. My husband went first and we used baby switch. I waited for my husband and our little girl, who had woken up by now, was laughing and waving at the people and the cast member at POTC.
When I had gone on it too, we wanted to do something we could all do together again, so we went to the labyrinth. It was so much fun walking through it with a toddler.  ;D
When we came out, we rode the carousel and it's a small world again.

After that, we grabbed something to eat and some cookies for later. We went to Disney Village to buy a gift for my sister who's pregnant, bought some things for ourselves and then went back to the hotel.
At 5 p.m. we started our ride home.

It had been three fun, busy, cold and magical days. Hope we will be able to take our little girl again! :)
"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney"


Sounds like a great trip for your little girl's first! Hopefully one of many. X