Pirate and Princess Pre-trip Report

Started by Zee79, April 05, 2018, 01:29:01 PM

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Well it's down to the last few days now. Leaving Sunday for our road trip to France. Staying in the Premier Inn Folkestone that night, £30 deal and then up early for tunnel to DLP!! I would say I can't wait but now I can. Have looked so forward to this trip, parades look fab, I was quite poorly when we went at New Year and the weather was terrible but warmer than it is now haha so hoping this trip would put it all right. However, i've been back to the dentist this morning and had dental work done again!!! Dentist is hoping it will settle but I've got to take plenty of painkillers. I'm in more pain now with my teeth than when I went in this morning. This will be the third trip since summer 2016 that I've had dental work done just before our trip.

There are 11 of us going this time, back to the 3 families- 4 pirates and 7 princesses  (I could say some are pirate princesses) and we are staying in our old faithful, the Cheyenne. First time since the refurb and the first times as a large group since our New Year trip in 2014/15. We've got our meals booked, some of us are trying new restaurants this trip so that will be good, I'll be on soft food diet so who can complain about an all you can eat dessert buffet  ;)

We are leaving late afternoon on the Friday for our trip back to the UK, staying in Ashford Premier Inn then a slow road trip back up to the North East on Saturday.

This will be my family's last trip to DLP for a while due to us going to WDW next summer for the first time and first time as a family of 4. I'm dreading not being able to book for DLP but hopefully I will appreciate it when I can go back.


I'm sorry reading about your dental work (hope it will cause you no discomfort). Wishing you lots of fun!!!


Thanks. Pain is settling just can't eat on one side. Got to sort drinks out because I can't have hot drinks they've got to be warmish ( easily done) but cold drinks can't be cold, this will be fun  :)