Late trip report Halloween 2016

Started by Shirley, March 03, 2018, 06:01:20 PM

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So we've booked again and I'm super excited our last visit was January 2017. We haven't been back since because the boys had there first Holy Communion and we decided to go to England for 2 weeks after it. We stayed in London for a few days then we spent 6 days in Chessington and 6 in Legoland and we went to Spain later in the year so just couldn't afford disney as Well but now that we have booked again to go in September I'm a bit sad that I let life get in the way and didn't end up writing trip reports for my last 2 trips because I love reading back on them and remembering the trips. So I decided I'm going to do 2 little ones of what I can remember and I have loads of pics from both so here goes.

Halloween 2017 party was myself my son Cal my mom who had never been and my disney mad nephew Alex who celebrated his birthday while we were there.
We headed up to Dublin on fri Oct 28th. We stayed in the Premier Inn had a lovely meal and tried to sleep early.
Sat 29th
We got up at 3 and headed to the airport we went through security and then had some breakfast. We flew with aer lingus I just love how nice they are to the kids asking the boys as we boarded the plane where are ye going? To which 2 very excited boys said disney   :D :D :D Our flight was very quick and before we knew it we were landing in CDG. We had a private transfer which was waiting for us both boys slept on the way. We were staying in Hotel New York and I couldn't wait for my ma to see it. When we got there it was early around 11am but there was a long que to check in so I told the boys to bring Nanny around and show her the hotel and shop and gave her money to get the photopass. She loved the hotel and was amazed at it. I knew the whole place would be decorated for Halloween but was happily surprised to see the Christmas tree outside the hotel.

We were hungry so decided on Earl of sandwich because we had cafe Mickey book for later so didn't want to eat too much. We had lovely hot sandwiches and ma loved it.

While we were sitting eating our lovely food we could see the balloon outside and we had always wanted to do it so said we'd give it a go we went and bought our tickets.

But it wasn't to be as we were waiting the wind picked up and it started to shake about a lot and I was glad we weren't  the people in it when it happened. We never got the chance to do it after.
We decided to cut our losses and head to the park. We took some pics on the way.

I just love walking back into main street and thinking I'm back. Ma couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

As we walked up to the front of the castle a photographer approached us because he seen I had a photopass and asked if we like to get some pictures taken  :D  :D  :D We were delighted and we got some fabulous pictures.

This one is my favourite how he caught the bird it's just amazing

After we had our pictures taken the very nice photographer told us we should sit on the curb because the halloween parade was going to start soon so we did after about 20mins it started and we had a great spot   :D

The parade was amazing such wonderful colours after it we decided we had to get Nanny to meet the Dragon.

Alex wanted to do its a small world so that's where we headed next. I can't really remember any of the wait times but I know it was very busy so we did que for a while but we didn't mind. My ma loved this ride.

Next we decided to do buzz cos we love it so much. We though Nanny would love it too but she didn't. She has cataracts so can't see very well and didn't know what she was ment to be shooting and found it a bit to much. We were sad that she didn't love it as much as we did and I was worried she might not like our other favourite rides.

We decided to head to pirates next to see what she though and thank God she loved it. The boys showed her around the shop after and we got our pic on our pass  :D

Her face tho  :D :D :D

Cal really wanted to do phantom manor after this so we headed there. Nanny loved this too so we were delighted  :D
It was getting close to our Cafe Mickey reservation so we slowly walked there. When we got there the place was very busy we were put in the front close to the window. The tables were very close together and I though there wouldn't be very much room when the characters came but we managed.
We seen Eeyore, Pluto, Mickey & Tiger.

The plan was to head back into the park put Cal was falling asleep in Cafe Mickey so we decided to head back to the hotel so we could all get a early night the boys went to sleep. I had a glass of wine nd Nanny had some tea that we had brought from home   :D she was having withdrawals.


Sunday 30th
We woke up early and went for breakfast. The hotel was very busy and we ended up having breakfast in a conference room but it was nice and big and well laid out. Breakfast was lovely. The boys didn't eat very much they get it hard to eat so early but we got them to eat a bit and we headed off to the park.

We headed for Orbitron the queues were long today. Nanny loved this ride I think it was one of her favourites  :D

After this we looked around buzz shop and we decided to pick up some fast passes for Peter pan.

We decided to give the teacups a go next. I though the spinning might be a bit much for Nanny but she loved it and kept spinning it more

After this we got some coffees to warm us up a bit and the boys had some crisps. It was coming close to our time slot for Peter pan so we headed over there. This was the first for all of us to do this ride. The first time we came to disney we totally missed it. I don't know how but we only noticed when we got home that we had missed it and the second time it was closed. We all loved it. I kept thinking we were going to crash but it was lots of fun. I couldn't wait to tell Tara all about it.

After we were walking along and we noticed the queen of hearts had just started a meet and greet and there was very few in the line so we decided to join it. It was a great meet and greet she was a little scary tho   :D

We were having withdrawals at this stage from pirates so we went there. We just love this ride.

It was getting close to our invention brunch at this stage so we headed for the hotel. Alex's birthday was on the 2nd which was the day we were leaving to go home and we had loved the inventions Easter brunch so we were very excited to do the halloween one and we had organised a cake for Alex. We seen loads of characters but they wouldn't sign the boys autograph books just got in for pictures. We didn't mind to much but there was another table and they asked to see a manager they said they'd paid a lot to have brunch there and weren't happy that they couldn't get autographs. The manager explained that it was very busy and they just wouldn't get enough time to get around to all the tables. I think they ended up getting some of their money back but they still weren't very impressed and I couldn't blame them. At Easter they signed no problem. It was great tho to get to see and have pictures with so many of them and  we got a glass of champagne. When captain hook came out I though the boys would burst with excitement  :D Alex had an idea that we had a cake organised because every time he heard the song play he went the colour of a tomato  :D When it was his turn Mickey came out with his cake. Alex was a little embarrassed. Then Mickey got Alex to dance with him it was very funny but I think Alex was happy with it was over because he seemed to relax and enjoy himself a bit more.

Our CM was so nice we had to get a pic with her too  :D

We stayed in Inventions for a long time. I'd say we were one of the last people leaving.
Nanny had to get a pic of the boys in the phone box on the way out she though it was so coolest thing ever  :D

After this we headed for studios because Alex wanted to do tram tour the queue was very long but he wanted to do it so we joined it and the boy entertained themselves and probably everyone who was queuing   :D

We decided it was time to see if Nanny would like Parachute drop when she seen it she was a bit scared but Alex told her Jamie had done it at Easter so she agreed to give it a go. She loved it but shouted every time it went down it was so funny. Cal does freek out a bit when we first sit down that our bar won't get pulled down before it's starts he always tells me to try pull it down. I'm so small there no way I could reach it. I always try but theres no chance.  :D I tell him that's it's fine the cms always make sure everyone is strapped in properly before it moves but he doesn't be happy untill it's done. Once the bar is down he's happy.

Next we done cars

After this it was getting quiet dark so we decided to head back to the hotel. I really wanted ma to see dreams but it wasn't on untill 11 and with ma not being able to see very well and it was harder for her to see when it was dark and the fact that the park was so busy I found it kind of hard to keep an eye on her and the boys. It was a long day and we were all happy to have a rest.


Monday 31st halloween day
I can't remember a huge amount about this day. I think we didn't get up as early and went to the studios we queued for ratatouille and we all loved it. We done slinky, parachute drop and cars. We went to stitch and Alex got picked on :-D. Cinamagic which Nanny loved and Morteurs car show.

We went back to the main park and done phantom manor and pirates and after this we decided to head back to the hotel so we could get ready for the Soiree.

Cal loves tsum tsums

When we were ready we headed for Annettes for somthing to eat we just love it here the food is fab.

After our lovely food we went to the park we went to buzz and the boys got candy apples

The park was packed at this stage so we decided to walk over to
Get a spot for dreams

Nanny loved dreams after we went to meet captain Jack sparrow  :D
When we were in the queue we heard load bangs. We all just looked at each other but someone said it was just fireworks. It was a little scary but then we heard nothin else. When Jack came everyone cheered and the boys had a great meet with him they were amazed at him it was great.

After this we went to see what was happening for the soiree. All I can say is wow it was fabulous. The costumes the music the colours. I think both boys were a little scared but they didn't pretend.

We spent a few hours there and then the boys decided they wanted to head back to the hotel. The next day they were sad they had left the party but I think they were getting tired and maybe a little scared. So we headed back to the hotel and they were asleep within minutes.


Tuesday 1st
Another early start but we weren't too tired because we had left the party early. We had another delicious breakfast and headed to the park. We got to the park for 8.30.

First we we decided to show Nanny the castle as she hadn't got  to see inside it yet. She was amazed at it and then we went to see the dragon.

We then decided we needed to do some rides the park seemed alot quiter today. We decided to go to tea cups first and we only queued for 5 mins.

Next we went to Casey Jr. Again another Short queue compared to the days before.

After Casey Jr we always go on Le pays few contes fees the queue was about 15 mins.

When getting onto the boat I explained to ma that the ground moves and decided it would be best if I got on first and helped her on. Great idea but never though of getting off. So as the boat got to the end I told ma to stand onto the seat when climbing out but ma decided to try and step straight out as she did she went running head first and I was convinced we were going to be pulling her out of the water but luckily there was a CM there and my ma ran straight into her legs. The CM was so worried about my ma and my ma was really embarrassed and worried about the poor CM's legs. We left in a hurry :D and ma said she wouldn't go on it again but then we both took a fit of laughing it was so funny and for the rest of the day every time we though about it we laughted. I kept asking her why didn't you just step on the seat and she said she didn't want to stand where people had to sit.  :D :D :D

After this we decided to try somthing gentle (because Ie contes
Fee is such a trill ride :-D :-D :-D ) but more somthing where she couldn't kill herself :-D

Cal was looking to do phantom manor but when we got there it was down but we noticed a queue for Jack the pumpkin king the queue was already quite long and he wasn't even there yet but we love him so decided we'd join it and my was he worth the wait we had a great meet and greet. We all had somthing Jack on us well except Nanny. Cal had a Jack pen and he was trying to steal it. It was very funny the boys told him I had 2 Jack dresses and Alex told him he thought I was it love with him :-D

As we finished up with Jack we noticed Phantom manor was opening back up so we walked straight on it was great we all love this ride. We decided to go to last chance cafe to get our pause gormande.

As we left Frontierland the parade was starting. We go a great spot to watch it.

We went and done pirates next we just love this ride and looked around the shop after.

We knew the villain show was starting soon so we headed for it
The show was brilliant and after the villians came into the audience to meet people. The boys really wanted to meet Dr facilier so we waited everyone stood around in a circle and he picked people at random. We stood and watched him move from person to person. He annoyed me because he ignored all the kids and only had interactions with the adults mostly the men. We stood and watched people come and go. After a while they got a call to head back behind stage. The CM with him had to point out to him that there were some kids waiting too but he really didnt seem to care. she had noticed the boys waiting very patiently and id say she could tell I was getting upset because he was about to leave and the boys had waited and new people that joined and been seen but the boys hadn't even got a picture. So before he left the CM insisted on him getting a picture with the boys it happened so fast that the picture wasn't even clear.

We decided not to wait for dreams because we were all quite cold after all the waiting around so we headed for rainforest cafe for somthing to eat. We only queued for about 10mins. Nanny really enjoyed this restaurant.

We had a lovely relaxing meal and done some shopping after when we got back to the hotel room Nanny and Alex had to go down stairs to the shop to buy a scissors because he had bought a car and we couldn't open it. The boys played for a bit. I finished off my wine while packing up our bags. Tomorrow we were going home :-(


Wednesday 2nd
So this was our last day and Alex's birthday. We got up early finished our packing and headed for breakfast. Alex decided to make the most of his breakfast today and ate loads. Cal still just had 2 slices of bread with chocolate spread :-D

We headed for the studios so we could do our favourite rides. The park was so quite today. We went on Ratatouille, Parachute drop, Magic carpet and cars.

We headed back to the main park after this.

We done phantom manor and pirates and had a look around the pirate galleon.

We had a reservation for Auberge de Cendrillon so we walked over we had a fab meal. Nanny loved it and she made friends with another CM who we ended up chatting for ages.

After our meal we had to leave to catch our taxi. We were sad leaving but I knew I was going to be back in January so knew it wouldn't be long.  We got home with no problems it was another great disney trip :-D


Lovely trip report and photos.You are right there is nothing better than walking under the station and seeing Main Street,I think everyone believes there home when they see it.


Thank you  :D and thanks for reading. Yeah it's just magical. It's been over a year since we've been so I'm having major withdrawals and we've to wait another 176 days   :o but writing this has got me really excited. Hopefully I can get started on our January trip at the weekend  :D