Animation Celebration replaces Art of Disney - 17th November 2019

Started by Anthony, January 27, 2019, 03:03:08 PM

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On Monday, 7th January 2019, Art of Disney Animation closed forever at Walt Disney Studios Park!

This opening-day attraction was once a feature-piece of the park's Animation Courtyard.


Now it's behind walls, what do you think could be next?

Some rumours have suggested a preview centre for the park's major expansions, or a dedicated Frozen meet and greet. But what could the long-term future be for this site?


Do we know yet what will happen to our multiplane camera??


Quote from: never2old on January 27, 2019, 03:24:10 PM
Do we know yet what will happen to our multiplane camera??

This is such a good point, one of only two remaining apparently? There were so many cool things in there, if they're not going to form part of whatever the building becomes next...

Adding the Photos Magiques gallery link for anyone who wants to reminisce:  :(

Captain Pan

From Conversations I've had on twitter and piecing together different bits of information I've gathered it appears that the drawing class is remaining at AOA. With the building sticking around for a variety of Meet and Greets and some sort of threatens styled seating for something.


so only the show entrance is walled off? As they are still doing character meets inside
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Quote from: never2old on January 27, 2019, 03:24:10 PM
Do we know yet what will happen to our multiplane camera??

Given that it's one of only three remaining in the world, chances are high that Disney will either display it somewhere else or put it safely into storage.

A Princess Disnae......

So glad the drawing class is staying as we love it as a family, even though we can't draw  ;D Always good to see who's character turns out the best (plus always good for a heat up on cold wet days)! Something so simple but so entertaining!!
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More details, two high resolution artworks and an opening date were revealed for the new Animation Celebration last week...

➡️ Animation Celebration to replace Art of Disney with a new Frozen Experience on DLP Today

...17th November 2019!

It also has the title "Frozen: A Musical Invitation". Because you can never have too many sub-titles! ED92 reports the two small theatre areas which will now feature these scenes are being changed from seated to standing to improve capacity? That'd seem a really poor move to me in terms of everyone actually a good experience.


The sets look lovely (even better in their proper seting, but that's 5 years away!).

I don't like the sound of it being a standing venue. How are they going to make sure everyone can see? And you know you'll end up with people sitting on the floor.

Edit: I've just realised that the Storytime with Belle is a standing event, so I'm guessing that's the route they're taking.

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