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Started by ChipandDale99, February 21, 2018, 06:10:41 PM

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The link above has information about the introduction of magic cards to dlp much like magic band. We just got back from a trip and we had a card for charging things to the room but this new one will include meal vouchers, park tickets, easy pass, charging to room, room entry and used to get fast passes.
I can't wait to use one. So much better than remembering meal vouchers every day


Oh that's awesome - I'm terrible for remembering meal vouchers each day! ...Although i hope they have a plan in place for people losing them, because I also have previous with losing room keys (obviously I just can't be trusted by myself, but I doubt I'm the only one)


This was officially confirmed at the DLP Inside Ears event the other day, wasn't it?


So if you need these to get fast passes, what about people that aren't staying on site?
Will they have to buy a magic card somewhere just to be able to get a fast pass?


I assume as magic cards are just for hotel guests, day guests and off site guests will still have paper tickets to get into the park and fast pass will work the same way as it currently does for them.


That's good, because I would be beyond pissed off if I were forced to use one of those things :)
I know a ton of people think they're amazing, but I'm not into it (to each their own etc etc etc ^^).


What about Annual Passport owners? The AP already functions a an entrance ticket, so you wouldn't need the magic pass for that
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We had the new magic cards when we visited and they were great! We still saw the paper passes I presume as you say for the day trippers and I have to admit I did miss having the paper ticket as I like to keep them as a souvenir. A bit of plastic that's black and white with your name printed on isn't quite the same.

Whilst the new cards are great, given the war on plastic that's going on in the world right now it does seem a bit odd to me that they have moved to a plastic card that will only be used for roughly 2-5 days per guest and then can no longer be used. Where they have printed details on the front it doesn't appear to be easily reused compared to paper which is far better in terms of recycling but more limited in it's use.


I think I would prefer to use the magic cards, but I'm glad to hear they do still accept the paper passes.


pro: you can keep your magic card after your visit as a souvenir

con: any cards visitors do not keep will have to be discarded/recycled, which sounds rather bad for the environment
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