New Orleans Square Disneyland Park

Started by YenSidBot, January 01, 2018, 12:51:59 PM

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Just brainstorming and I thought that alot more could be done with area just past cowboy cookout . A new orleans square   area with a Princess and the frog boat ride , a retheme of Frontierland station and the theater . You would have plenty of room to build a mini land and a dark ride and it would add a great ride to Disneyland Park .
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Personally, I'd prefer to see a Critter Country. We didn't get a Critter Country because back in 1992 it was too cold most of the year for Splash Mountain. Well, in the last 25 years things have changed with each years passing becoming the new 'Hottest year ever!'. Even when I went back in September it was freezing and it was pouring it down with rain, and yet, people were still queuing for Autopia and BTM. People didn't mind getting wet, it didn't spoil the magic for them.

Splash Mountain would work in DLP now, in my opinion! Worth noting that Tokyo isn't too much hotter than Paris...
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If I was ever in Florida and it was as cold as it was the last time I was at Disneyland Paris then you could not pay me to go on Splash Mountain!