Toy Story Playland Additions

Started by YenSidBot, November 30, 2017, 03:03:19 PM

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I have just come across the concept art for Shanghai's toy story land . No surprise that it is more beefed out than wds toy story playland. How long until we get Toy Story Mania in wds or even a decent store or quick service within Toy Stoy Playland . Hell I would even be happy if they cloned the Bullseye whip ride that there going to have in Shanghai xD . And with Toy Story 4 coming within the next couple of years I only hope that DLP will announce some more additions.

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I agree. I've been on toy story mania and it's amazing! It'd be a great addition to that area. I feel the studios lack a little something special, it never makes me feel it's worth a day there. I usually just do the few rides I like then head back over to the main park.

Jules Verne

It would be great if they added TSMM to expand the land

I think its a great area but a big E-ticket connected to it would top it off in an amazing way and maybe add Pizza Planet and a meet and a great similar to mickeys to bring it all together


Midway Mania would be a wise addition to Playland - it's certainly a fan favourite in the States. If memory serves me right, they are expanding the Studios one for a second time to help with capacity.

I do wonder though, if they've not added it to WDS already, then will it actually happen? You'd think it'd be an obvious choice - even after Remyland was added.

I agree with you though AaronKing - that Bullseye attraction would be a neat additon to the land also.
And whilst it's not Toy Story themed, I'd love if they could bring over Luigi's Rollickin' Roasters from DCA. (Shameless plug for my Imagineering thread on the idea...  )

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love your ideas rocketeerb, i do wonder will we ever see tsm in the studios
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I agree toy story mania would be amazing we loved it! Plus an eatery would be fantastic  :)


Quote from: littlebitofpixiedust on January 15, 2018, 11:32:19 AM
I agree toy story mania would be amazing we loved it! Plus an eatery would be fantastic  :)
Totally agree. Studios are short of eating places for the amount of people that visit.